Jul 4, 2018

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog post by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights releases we're eagerly awaiting.

The tale of the legendary golden flower is widely known. The story has been told many times and in many ways. But always the flower is coveted by an old witch to keep herself young and beautiful. And always the flower is used to save a dying queen, who then gives birth to a princess with magical hair. Not willing to lose the flower, the old witch steals the princess and locks her away in a high tower, raising her as her own. But the princess always finds out who she truly is and manages to defeat the old witch.

And yet this is only half the story. So what of the old witch, Mother Gothel? Where does she come from? And how does she come across the magical golden flower? Here is one account that recounts a version of the story that has remained untold for centuries . . . until now. It is a tale of mothers and daughters, of youth and dark magic. It is a tale of the old witch.

I'm only just realizing that these villain books are a connecting series!! Eek! I've read one, though it was book 2, but I think I will be okay in not losing information as they do seem to focus on the villain in question more than the other bits, but I think this one will start looking at those "bits" that need focusing on! Lol!

PUBLISHER: Disney Press
GENRE: Disney Villains
RELEASE DATE: August 7, 2018



  1. Oh my gosh, I didn't realize this book was coming! I haven't read any of them but I'm super interested by them! Great pick!

  2. Cool! I didn't know there was a Mother Gothel book coming out! Great pick!!

    Here’s my WoW!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  3. I didn't know these existed at all! I love hearing the villain's side of a story--it's never what you expect.

    Now following you via Bloglovin'! <3
    L @ Do You Dog-ear?

  4. Oh wow, from HER POV? Nice!

  5. I like the idea of looking at the villain. Sound like an interesting series.

  6. I am not familiar with these, but the villain-centric books seem to be quite popular lately.

  7. I didn't know these books even existed! (I just checked, and the library has these available, so I'll have to see about getting them.) I hope you enjoy catching up on the series.
    Thanks for stopping by My WoW earlier.

  8. No way! I cant believe this is the first time I'm hearing about this.
    Great choice this week.
    Aneta @ Angelic Book Reviews 

  9. Oh this is interesting! Mother Gothel has always struck me as one of the most interesting Disney villains, lol!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  10. I so need to start reading this series! Great pick!


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