Jul 18, 2018

Let's Discuss: The Movies

Today I get a little help form another list of possible topic ideas because when I want to write something naturally my brain provides no randomness! Lol! Today's topic is intriguing because it's something that so rarely EVER happens...at least in my opinion!

Movie That was Better Than the Book

I mean does that even happen?! Has a movie EVER been BETTER than the book? It's a struggle really to think of one. Soooo many times I watch the movie based on the book and I am left disappointed. Other times I am pleased with the movie, but I can't say it was better than the book. But then it hit me, there was one movie I thought was way better than the book, and it felt sacrilegious to even utter such words!

I will be the first to admit that I saw the movie before I ever the book to Jaws! I mean, I practically grew up watching Jaws...I tell you I was a weird kid! I think I liked it so much because my mom liked watching it...of course she has since grown tired of it! Lol! But yes, as a kid I would watch Jaws every time it popped up on TV or occasionally popping in the video.

It wasn't until I was older, I think middle school age? maybe 9th grade? really can't remember how old. I want to say middle school though. It was when I was older that I finally read the book! I mean, I had to! I adored the movie, so it was only naturally to read the book that it was based on.

And sadly...I didn't like it as much. I'm not saying I hated the book, I didn't. There were just some things that happened in the book that didn't make it to happening in the movie and I was grateful for that! SPOILERS ahead now. One thing I didn't care for was that Hooper and Brody's wife were sort of having an affair. I mean, not really, but kinda. It was the start of something as there was major flirting going on and other scandalous moments, but nothing major. And then of course there was the ending and someone else died with Quint. I'll leave that one vague! 

But yeah, those things I didn't like happening as much. And it's weird, because the movie changed all that! Normally I hate when movies do that, but for some reason in this instance I liked the change. And I know exactly why, it's because I had watched this movie a thousand times before ever reading the book. So naturally, I would be more inclined to like the movie better than the book. And honestly, it's probably the only movie where I will say it was better than the book, but again it was because of the weird circumstances!

Is there a movie that you actually liked better than the book? I feel like this is rare for readers. But I feel like there's always that one movie that we might sorta of prefer better than the book. And of course, we love the movies, but do we ever say they were better than the book itself? I don't think I've ever said that about any book besides this one!


  1. I agree, very rarely do I like a movie more, although occasionally it happens. I think Jaws is a good example, probably for the same reason (I saw it before reading it). Insurgent is another for me- not that it's necessarily better than the book, and they did some weird switching things around so it's NOT entirely faithful, but I... kinda liked it?

  2. Bladerunner. I liked it better than Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep. I admit I saw the film long before reading the book, but I was prepared to like it better.

  3. I never have read the Jaws book---I don't even think I realized it was a book until I was an adult. I think I actually sort of liked the movie version of Warm Bodies better than the book, even though I read the book first. That is VERY unusual indeed!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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