Jul 24, 2018

Win a Pre-Order of Echoes by Alice Reeds!

Hey all! I can't remember if I had a twitter conversation with myself over this one or not...yeah, my mind has gotten so twisted I can't remember if I had a particular conversation with myself or not! LOL!

Anyway, on Friday you will be seeing my review for Alice Reeds' Echoes as well as a discussion post where I rave about it! It was truly a read that had my mind whirling and thinking! It kept me fully engaged and hooked into the story while I tried to figure out the mystery and eerieness surrounding the situation that Miles and Fiona found themselves in.

Before I get ahead of myself any further, I bring you to my contest! It's going to be a short one because I want to get the book pre-ordered for you with a possible release day delivery day (for US readers), if you're the winner and are international, I'll preorder with the Book Depository and the delivery time will be in their hands!

And because this book was SOOOO awesome and ends in a way that leaves me DYING for a sequel I decided I will do what I can to keep the numbers up! Yes, I know it's still rather early and a sequel may already be in the works, but because there's nothing confirmed, I find myself in a tailspin of worry! Hence the contest!

ONE lucky reader will win a pre-order of Echoes by Alice Reeds! This contest will be open to wherever the Book Depository will ship! So...have at it!

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  1. This looks fabulous- can't wait to read it!

  2. OMG, I so want this!!! I tried to get an eARC was was denied, broke my heart! :(

  3. I'm not entering because I already got the chance to read it, but it was really good!


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