Jul 19, 2018

Random Thursday

So for this adventure back into The Little Book of Answers by Doug Lennox, we'll finish the last two factoids in the "People & Places" chapter and then move into "Pop Culture"!

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There's an old expression, "born with a sliver spoon in your mouth" which means that one was born into wealth instead of having to work for it. There was an old custom that at a baby's Christening the godparents would gift the baby with a spoon to signify their responsibility for nourishment and well-being. The wealthy would gift the baby with silver and the rest--basically--would gift with pewter or tin.

Uh...interesting. I wasn't too familiar with this saying, but yeah...I get it I guess! Lol!

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When someone acts cowardly we call them "yellow" and this is actually an abbreviation of "yellow dog", which was a 19th century American insult to describe a worthless or cowardly person. In the 20th century when employers were fighting trade unions they insisted employees sign a pledge to never join a trade union. The pledge was called a "yellow dog" contract by union members and that if you signed it you were therefore "yellow".

Odd. It seems nowadays with certain jobs you have no choice but to join whichever union! Like when I worked for the grocery store I was automatically in the union and they got a nice portion of my paycheck every month *eyeroll*.

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It's said that Clark Kent got his name from two popular actors in 1934, and they were Clark Gable and Kent Taylor.

 Since I know nothing about the actual comic books, I'll roll with that! Lol.

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As we all may know by now, Mickey started out with a very different name, Mortimer. In this 1928 cartoon titled "Plane Crazy" Walt was telling his wife about the mouse named Mortimer when she said she didn't like that name and suggested that Mickey sounded more pleasing. It was after careful thought that Walt "grudgingly" gave in!

I think I remember hearing about this story somewhere in my Disney knowledge! 

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Bugs Bunny got his name from an animator at Warner Bros from "Bugs" Hardaway. When it was asked of the animators to draw a "tall, lanky, mean rabbit" "Bugs" Hardaway drew a sketch and labeled it "Bugs' Bunny". Though his drawings were never used for the famous rabbit, the name stuck and Bugs made his debut in the cartoon, "Wild Hare".

Never did know about Bugs' evolution! Though I was always more of a Daffy fan! Lol!


  1. huh some interesting facts. when I was growing up there was a tv show called silver spoons. basically from that saying.

  2. I still don't get the yellow dog thing though. What did yellow dogs have to do with unions or cowardice. It's a mystery, I guess!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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