Jul 16, 2018

Let's Discuss: My Bookcases

I decided today that I would give you all a tour of my bookcase collection! Sadly, there's no one room for them, nor do I have a set where they're all together on one wall, I hope for that whenever I can have a place of my own!

My Bookcases

This is my narrow bookcase that I remember deciding to buy for my room because it fit perfectly! All I had to do was move my DVD towers out! Easy sacrifice! Lol!

This is the first nice one I bought from a furniture shop that sadly went out of business. But I LOVE it! It's my only 6-shelf bookcase and as you can see I utilize every inch of the space I have!

This is my nightstand bookcase that just has two little shelves. I had the brilliant idea that it should be my Jennifer L. Armentrout case but since she writes so super fast, that might have to be moved one day soon!

And I was a little too lazy to actually move my clothes out to show this one better. It's a little 3-shelf case that pretty much started out as my first one for my room. I moved it into my closet sometime back after I decided to toss out my shoe rack! I got rid of a lot of unnecessary things to make room for more bookcases! And as you might be able to see, this is my Maria V. Snyder case! Pretty soon I will need to upgrade to one of these for my Jennifer L. Armentrout books! Sadly, there's no room on the other side of my closet! Whelp!!

These were the last two bookcases I bought from my furniture shop before they closed! They're slightly different from the first one since it had been a few years between my buying them. But these beauties may only be 5-shelf cases, but they are extra wide!! I went for the wider range than the standard one! I keep these in the "spare bedroom" but I consider it the library! And if it wasn't for the bed I'd totally add another one in there!

These are the two bookcases I had to move around yet again during a big shift. They are currently downstairs, protected by sheets from dog hair and dust! Basically these are my A-early Ds shelves!! Lol.

This bookcase was in my grandparents' house and after they passed we acquired it. I've double-stacked a collection of Mass-Market paperbacks plus other random trades...mostly completed series and other older books that I've finished and whatnot. Sadly, the doors on the bottom are filled with VHS tapes that we have yet to do something with! Hopefully one day I can fill that space with books...and possibly fully acquire possession of this beauty!

This is the downstairs entertainment center and I was given 1/3 of it, plus the bottom shelf here on the left which houses my Harry Potter collection. The HP collection basically consists of my original 7 books, plus the 4 Houses of the 20th Anniversary of the first book, the 10th Anniversary of the US edition fo the first book and then some random books that I couldn't fit else where! Then here on the right is my other collection of older books! Lol! Some books are really old, and yet there's still an unfinished series on here that I need to read the last two books so I can add those on there too!

Then a few years ago I had the brilliant idea to buy a "decorative" trunk--the ones that people tend to use to store blankets and pillows--I decided to store a portion of my TBR books in it! Yes...this is just a portion of my TBR books! The rest are on one of my library bookcases, but even those are slowly being moved elsewhere...such as the closet in the spare room and a drawer in the trundle bed there too! Lol.

Then for laughs, here's my closet shelf where I store a few more older paperbacks! Another brilliant idea I had was to use the shelf in my closet for more books! I store paperbacks up here for the most part...plus a few Bath and Body Works products and my Blogger cards as well! Lol!

And never to be outdone, I use a small portion of the closet floor for a few hardcovers as well! You can never say that I don't utilize every inch of space I have! I mean who needs closet space anyway? LOL!

And with the exception of the one shelf I have in the living-room bookcase that concludes the tour of my bookcases which are, as you can see, spread out all over the house! It makes shelving new "Read" books a healthy dose of exercise! It was worse when those two bookcases downstairs were cases A-B and L-M! Fixing that was one tiring afternoon! Lol.


  1. Such an awesome collection! I love that really unique shelf from your grandparent's house! I wish I'd inherited more stuff from mine. I do like your shelves from the closed furniture shop too. Thanks for sharing! I've always been curious about all your shelves!

  2. I'm impressed with how you utilized all your space and your collection! Like Tracy, I love that shelf from your grandparents! I'm completely out of space and just got books earlier this month for my birthday, so an unhaul is definitely in order.

  3. I am in awe of your book collection! I had two awesome cherry 6 shelf book cases that I had to give up during a move. Now I’m down to just one serious bookcase and have utilized it for my signed books. The rest are Sadly in a closet. But I just moved to a new house so it’s time to decorate and fill with new shelves! ❤️

  4. That's a LOT of books!! I especially love that you have a bookcase especially for Maria V. Snyder books. That's dedication!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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