Jul 4, 2018

Let's Discuss: Weird Collections

It was when I was putting together my STS post this past weekend that I thought of another odd, random discussion post! And it had to do with collections! What kinds of things we like to collect, I mean besides book related things! That one's a given! LOL!

My Coin Collection

EDIT: I apologize for the lack of pictures earlier! I initially took these pictures on my phone and then emailed them to myself which apparently is a no-no! Oddly, when I was writing the post and adding the pictures, everything looked perfect! The preview was perfect...then when it published it was anything but! I am pretty sure I retook them all right as I looked at my phone as I did it! Lol! So here is the TRUE post!

Ever since I was a kid, I had a weird obsession with coins! It's not like I was a big aficionado or anything. I know NOTHING about coin collecting. My idea of coin collecting was saving the coins I thought were cool!

As I showed off in my STS post, here's my collection of "fun coins" that were non-monetary coins but still special! I have a set of Lucky Charms ones from when I was a kid and there were the Seven Wonders of the World hidden in the boxes. I only ever found 5, which was still pretty good all things considered!

There's also souvenir coins from Grant's Farm and the St. Louis Zoo, a Supernatural coin that was to protect against demons, a Haunted Mansion coin that I had waited for months for Disney to get back in stock before breaking down and buying on ebay and what happened like 2 months late? Yeah, it came back in stock and STAYED in stock! Typical luck! Lol!

Then here was my actual monetary collection! Some of these coins came from my grandpa's collection. Mostly saving silver dollars and whatnot.

I've contributed to it over the years by saving wheat pennies, bicentennial quarters, and foreign currency when I came across it in change received or just sitting on the ground somewhere! 
Here was some of the foreign currency I found! I remember in grade school I found the Canadian $2 coin near the monkey bars and thought it was too cool with a polar bear on it! 

I had a quarter I found where someone drilled a hole through it. Probably for a necklace but then it eventually was spent anyway for this was one I got back in change somewhere. I thought it was cool, so I saved it! Lol!

This was a dollar coin that I "made better" as a kid to give to my grandma. Either for good luck at bingo or as a binge cover! I stuck a Belle head sticker on heads, because I wanted a girl on a coin and then the bear on the tails side because it was cute! It came back into my possession after she passed and I added it to this collection of coins! You can clearly tell I have always been a Belle fan!

And then I also continue to collect the wheat pennies and bicentennial quarters. Mostly because I felt like they were rare! I mean, they probably aren't, but maybe when my niece is 30 they could be worth more! This wheat penny I found or got in my change was covered in weird little divets, since it was a wheat penny I was keeping it anyway, but in this jar I've always kept the older or weird wheat pennies. The other one has a slight bend to it too! And then naturally, at some point I saved a Chuck E. Cheese token, likely at my niece's only birthday party there, because I just wanted a momento from childhood. Now, based on the commercials I've seen, it looks like they did away with tokens and went with the "play cards" like Dave and Busters. Sigh...I always liked the tokens.
And that was just a closeup of some of the coins from my weird collection. I still can't figure out why I was always fascinated with coins. I still am, in a way, but there you have it! Do you collect anything weird? Or even normal for that matter! I'm just saying my coin collection is weird because there's no rhyme or reason to it! Just whatever coin I think is cool goes into the specified collection, be it monetary or just collectible! 


  1. What a fun collection. I love the Belle sticker on the coin and the story behind it. I used to have a rock collection, but I don't know where it's gotten to. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. I don't collect anything weird, but I do collect postcards!! I have collected postcards since I was a kid and came by doing so purely by chance. Relatives use to send me a postcard in the mail when they were on vacation now and then, which I thought was cool as a 5-9 year old child because kids usually don't receive anything in the mail from anyone. I loved seeing the picture of places people visited on the postcards.

    Then when I was about 12 years old, I had an Uncle that traveled a lot when he retired, so I remember asking him if he would send me postcards of the places he visited... So I started receiving a whole lot more postcards, which I loved.

    Then when I became an adult and traveled anywhere I would buy postcards from the places I visited as postcards are inexpensive, provide great memories, don't take up much room in ones home. Plus, they are fun to look at. I have tons of postcards now. I'd love to figure out a way to display my postcards in a unique way where I can rotate them as desired.

  3. Fun collection! It reminds me of a stamp collection I had as a kid. Currently besides books, I have a large record collections. Like 2k. For years and years I have debated over whether or not I should get rid of them bc they take up so much room and are so heavy when it comes to moving or cleaning time. The closest I've gotten is big weeding projects, during which I decreased it by over half. But the rest I just can't seem to part with!

  4. When I was a kid I used to collect "extravagant" pencils and pens. I still have a few of them but they've either melted or dried out after a decade of being "on display" on a shelf. I also had/have a fascination with coins! I have a small piggy bank type box with all the "special" coins I've found or have been given throughout the years. Most aren't worth much, but maybe in 3 or 4 decades things could change? :)

  5. Those weird coins can be really fun to look at later. Any kind of collection like this is just interesting and can bring back all sorts of great memories!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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