Jul 11, 2018

Let's Discuss: Book Covers

I saw this topic and thought...ohh, this is my jam!! I love book covers! And the prompt about what draws us to book covers really got my brain whirling, because as I probably said over the years, in the time before blogging, the way I found new books was literally walking up and down the shelves of Borders and pulling books off the shelves and seeing if they intrigued me or not!

What Draws You to Book Covers?

I'm going to share a few examples and then explain what drew me to them and why I picked them up!

I call these two, the cartoony cover! I admit at first cartoony covers made me hesitate, but it was likely with these two that that fear changed! I mean, a cartoony cover really catches my eye because of the colors! With the Psychic Eye series you had bright colors that were eye-catching! Then with Tempest Rising it was all the paranormal aspects on the cover that drew my eye! Plus the lovely dark color scheme and right away I felt like this series would involve a siren based on its cover. It was more selkie but still, this was a fun series that I grew to love!

You all pretty much know that the moment I saw this cover at my first RT, I was in LOVE! Honestly, while vampires were always my first love, I do harbor a deep love for werewolves too! And when I saw this gorgeous blue cover with a woodsy scene and then the overlay of an eye with a moon in it, I KNEW it was a werewolf book and that it was for me! Naturally, my instincts were right!

I will always thanks Amazon's stupidity for recommending me Magic Study and NOT Poison Study, which was the first book in the series because it led me to pick up Poison Study! The cover just drew my eye in! I loved the soft light that surrounds Yelena and the props around her screamed magic and fantasy! So after I read what it was about, naturally I got myself to Borders stat and bought the first book as it was just releasing in paperback (and I was poor at the time and couldn't condone buying a hardback! LOL!).

Twice Dead is a newer book and it's not out yet, but I will say the cover drew my eye, that with its title too! I love the dark colored covers, because those generally mean that something eerie will be happening and as you all know, I LOVE the paranormal books! Plus with that title, I knew that it had to involve something paranormaly! This is one I can't wait to read!!

Those are just a few of the covers I decided to talk about! Granted, there's tons more I could dissect with you all, but that would be a looooong post! What draws your eyes to covers? Do you follow a set of themes that makes you want to pick up a book? I devised that I am drawn to dark colors, cartoony covers, covers with moons/woods/something werewolfy, and ones that have that soft glow while also being within a genre I'd read, like fantasy!

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  1. Ironically, I LOVE the cover to Tempest Rising, but it doesn't look like a cover to a type of book I'd actually like to read. Is that weird? I guess I'm just not typically an adult paranormal sort of reader, but there are so many cute illustrated covers in that genre.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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