Sep 22, 2018

ARC Review--Taken by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Can you handle the flames? 

The Crescent City Hotel is nothing more than ash and rubble. Will the fate of The Society be the same?

Hailey is terrified. Her best friend and countless others have disappeared into thin air, The Society Headquarters is gone, and the fate of everything is in her hands.

Wyatt is wracked with guilt, and he is desperate to make things right. The last thing he wants to do is separate from Hailey, but he will do whatever it takes to protect what’s most important. 

When the truth of the emerald flame is revealed, will Hailey and Wyatt finally have their chance at a happily ever after?

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

Taken is the final installment in The Pteron Chronicles and brings Hailey's story to a conclusion, though things are far from over for her and her friends...and this is probably one of the first times ever that Alyssa Rose Ivy has ended things with a few cliffhangers. My mind is still boggling and wondering if I missed something, but clearly I haven't and I am just left wanting more...which is nothing new when it comes to Alyssa's books!

Things were insane when we last left Hailey and Wyatt. The Crescent City Hotel had been destroyed. There's no telling what happened to everyone inside; the guests, the employees, the entire Society base that was located in the basement. Hailey is worried over her best friend Allie being missing, along with Levi too of course. And pretty much everyone else she knows who could've been inside.

Hailey and Wyatt decide to split up with their friends, while Hailey tries to find a key to the magical book she acquired. They need to find out what sort of spells or information would be inside the book that could help them with the mystery of the emerald dragon. Meanwhile, Wyatt is off to find Violet to see what she may know. 

I'll admit, I was struggling a bit to keep up with what was happening along with what had happened. Isn't that how it always is? Lol. I was enjoying the story that was being told in front of me of course, but there have been a lot of characters in this world series and a lot of characters in this trilogy alone! So it was hard trying to keep straight who I've previously met from other books and who was new to The Pteron Chornicles. This is the trouble with being a reader! LOL!

There's a lot that Hailey and Wyatt both must do and very little time to do it since their enemy is gearing up to make her attack. One that will involve Hailey's family and everyone that she holds dear to her.

Despite my faulty memory issues, I did really enjoy this one! A superior memory would've come in handy, but the story was still amazing despite that! I enjoyed the fast paced plot, the insatiable humor that was had whenever Cade was around, and of course the spine-tingling romance that you know comes from an Alyssa Rose Ivy read! While Hailey and Wyatt are separated for most of the book, you pretty much know that means whenever they are together things will be intense!! 

The ending was positively wonderful! I enjoyed it because it was a Hailey and Wyatt time moment. One that left you with all the feels and flutters! And just wowzers!! There's also a bit of a cliffhanger going on as there are still things that must be done. Hence my worry for the next book! I need the new series to start asap, but alas 2019 is so far away! I'm excited for what characters will be the new stars and I feel like we might be seeing hints of other couples along the way in this one too! That's always one of the best parts of Alyssa's books! You see other guys and gals interacting...and it makes you wonder, is there something happening there? Only time will tell, I suppose!

Taken was an explosive and amazingly satisfying read! I pretty much loved it from start to finish because Hailey was always one of my favorite characters! I love her boldness and attitude! I'm so happy that she has found her happy ending! I'm looking forward to Alyssa's next Chronicles trilogy, because you can pretty much expect it to be completely amazing and awesome! I've said it a dozen times already, but Alyssa Rose Ivy is pretty much my go-to Paranormal NA author and I cannot recommend her books enough!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

Taken releases September 27, 2018


  1. That cover is really nice! I haven't read any in this series, but it sounds really good! I'm glad this was such a great ending!

  2. Great review Jessica! I need to get back into this world. I have read and loved so many of Alyssa's books, but I do have some unfinished series of hers. I need to remedy that soon.

    Michelle @ Book Briefs


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