Sep 12, 2018

Let's Discuss: The New Polly Pocket

I apparently had toys on my brain when I started writing these posts! Lol! It amuses me seeing the toys I played with growing up making a comeback now. Though what saddens me is how the toy companies are kind of tarnishing what was once a super cool toy! If they could just get it right, I'd had no issues but seeing them "revamped" in a way that's just not at all like the original one irks me. I do get that it can't be the same and they're trying to improve it in a way they think's an improvement, but alas I still feel hurt at seeing what they've done to my favorites, such as this one...

The New Polly Pocket

I'm not really sure what year it was when Polly Pocket made her first change. She went from being totally pint size and able to fit in your pocket (hence her name) to this...

I remember looking at this and thinking, that's not Polly! I mean come on, she barely fits in your pocket now! Especially a kid's pocket!

Does anyone remember this version of Polly Pocket? I know I am totally showing my age this week with these 90s toys, but nostalgia gets to me! Lol. I love it and I love when the toys I played with make a comeback but always feel disheartened by the finished product.

This will always be Polly Pocket for me!

And then it was just a week or two ago I saw a commercial for a new Polly Pocket. She had returned once again after her stick figure debacle and here she is now...

This actually is rather cute since they are more like the originals. Though I still feel like the Polly figures are still too big. But choking hazards and all that! I'm surprised the toy company from the 90s got away with its tiny size. I'm contemplating getting one of these for my niece for Christmas. I'll have to wait and see her list...which is pretty long at the moment! I admit, sometimes I'm buy her the toys I just want to see up close! Lol! But since she does pull out all our old toys from the basement, I figure she'd like the new version too!

Does anyone else remember Polly Pocket in her many evolutions? I'm feeling old lately by seeing all these childhood toys of mine! There was one I picked up for myself not that long ago, Cupcake Surprise! I remember that one so well! I eventually gave the doll to my niece because yeah, I don't really need it! I again just wanted to see it again! Lol! They even made miniature ones of that too! But my niece walked right past those the other weekend when she was spending her money in the toy aisle! Lol.

But back to the question because I got sidetracked, does anyone else remember this toy? Or better yet, has there been a toy you loved as a kid that was brought back in a new way? Did you like seeing it again or did it kind of disappoint you in its appearance/execution?


  1. ha! I LOVED polly pockets! And I agree with you. I think the new dolls are too big. they are giant polly's!

  2. My daughter had some Polly Pockets when she was little. They were very cute, but I'm not sure which version they were. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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