Sep 28, 2018

Book Blogger Hop

This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!
This week's question is: Do you sneak a peek at the number of views your posts have gotten? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews)
MY ANSWER: I can honestly say I don't! I guess I should pay attention to that. But I've always seen my blog as something for myself. Of course I LOVE every view and read and love every comment I get. But I honestly don't look at page views unless I'm being asked that for review opportunities!


  1. That's a great mindset!! :) It's not good to base your personal success on views. As long as it's fun that's all that matters!

    My BBH here

  2. I notice mine. And if I notice a post is getting more views than others, I sometimes try to figure out why.

    On an unrelated side note, I just added The Blood Spell to my wish list because that cover looks amazing!

    Have a great weekend. - Katie

  3. Hey Jessica,

    Glad to have come across your blog - I have a similar attitude towards views & likes but can't say they don't matter to me. I usually not care about it unless a post doesn't get any ( then I'm a little upset) or if a post gets too many ( kinda love being spammed with all the notifications).

  4. I don't look a lot- in fact I'm surprised I don't look more- but yeah I think I do it for the same reason. I'd blog even if no one was reading ha ha because I like to, so I don't look all the time- but it is nice sometimes to look and see what posts are getting attention.

  5. I don't obsess. I can't help but check at least once a week. I don't use it much though.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes


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