Jul 23, 2022

Let's Discuss: Blogging Styles


So I was dying to do a discussion post, and yet, I could not think of anything to talk about! So I hit up Nicole's helpful list found here and was scanning the options. I couldn't remember if I did this topic before. I could have, but it's probably been so long so why not revisit it for any new followers I might have here.

What's Your Blogging Style?

I would definitely say my style is a laid back sort of style. Even with these discussion posts, I pretty much write how I would talk. Which is probably fast and sporadic and all over the place. Lol. I do try and check myself as I type here of course, but I feel like when I write my reviews, my brain is going all over the place! I try to remember all the things I was thinking and feeling when stuff happened. At the same time I'm trying to check myself for spoilers or spoilery-ish things! Yeah, my mind is a hot mess as I type those up! Lol.

As I've said on my blog here many times, I don't have people in real life I can chat about books with. So blogging is where I'm at! I rant and rave and gush over books here. I'm constantly checking myself for spoilery things. I also need to write post-reviews too...like a post/review to read AFTER you have read the book so I can go back and rant and gush over all the things, spoilers and not and especially the ending! Oh the endings are always worth talking about, are they not? Lol. 

Though I am not sure how that would work,  I mean, that would literally be doing double the work and I just feel like, sadly, the blogosphere is dying. No one is reviewing books now, they just post pictures on bookstagram and tell you to read it. I mean, I find myself scrolling past those pictures now because why bother? They never seem engaging enough despite the 1K or so likes. I mean, is anyone else reading the captions? Is anyone else thinking the picture looks the same as one that was posted the month before? Don't get me wrong, I love bookstagram and I love posting my unlikable photos on it. I 100% blame Instagram and their BS algorithm that has to hide "unpopular" posts. I mean why the heck is someone I FOLLOW being hidden from me?! Why do they have to make it so hard to find them and their new posts? I follow shops and such who are suffering because Instagram finds them "unworthy" and it just makes me sick.

And now my post turned into an Instagram rant. So yeahhhhh...my writing style is very sporadic and runs like I would hold a conversation and yes I 1000% can get off topic when I am talking to someone about one thing. My mind is all over the place! Which in a sense is hilarious, because like I prefer order. I keep my things meticulously organized. Books in alphabetical order by author's last name, series in order of how I read them, which is usually by publication order too. My clothes are organized by season and sleeve length and style (casual or "professional")...like EVERYTHING has its place and if it's not put back in THAT PLACE I get extremely upset! Like ANGRY upset. My eye will twitch and everything.

So basically I'm a organized chaotic enigma. Yup. That about sums it up.

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