Jul 7, 2022

Random Thursday

Today's facts are a mishmash of interesting things from history, less on politics this time! Let's see what Shane Carley will teach us today in True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t!

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The Swastika symbol used to be one that was a positive symbol until the Nazis co-opted it with their rise to power. Prior to, the symbol was meant to be one of good fortune.

That's a sad story.

(image borrowed from Good Housekeeping)

Russia once did not consider beer to be an alcoholic drink. If a drink contained less than 10% alcohol, it was considered a soft drink. This changed though in 2011.

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Did you know in 1919, a tank containing molasses ruptured due to high heat and it caused a flood that killed 21 people?

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Though women may have started wearing pants in the 1700s, it did not become commonplace until the 20th century.

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Pope Gregory IX believed that black cats were tied to Satan, which caused his followers to either shun or even kill cats. It's believed that due to the lack of cats, the rat population rose and contributed to the spread of the Bubonic Plague.

That saddens me about the cats. Even though I still believe my late grandpa's late black cat was the spawn of the devil. 

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