Jul 3, 2022

Review--The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L. Armentrout

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout comes book three in her Blood and Ash series…

She's been the victim and the survivor…

Poppy never dreamed she would find the love she’s found with Prince Casteel. She wants to revel in her happiness but first they must free his brother and find hers. It’s a dangerous mission and one with far-reaching consequences neither dreamed of. Because Poppy is the Chosen, the Blessed. The true ruler of Atlantia. She carries the blood of the King of Gods within her. By right the crown and the kingdom are hers.

The enemy and the warrior…

Poppy has only ever wanted to control her own life, not the lives of others, but now she must choose to either forsake her birthright or seize the gilded crown and become the Queen of Flesh and Fire. But as the kingdoms’ dark sins and blood-drenched secrets finally unravel, a long-forgotten power rises to pose a genuine threat. And they will stop at nothing to ensure that the crown never sits upon Poppy’s head.

A lover and heartmate…

But the greatest threat to them and to Atlantia is what awaits in the far west, where the Queen of Blood and Ash has her own plans, ones she has waited hundreds of years to carry out. Poppy and Casteel must consider the impossible—travel to the Lands of the Gods and wake the King himself. And as shocking secrets and the harshest betrayals come to light, and enemies emerge to threaten everything Poppy and Casteel have fought for, they will discover just how far they are willing to go for their people—and each other.

And now she will become Queen…


Very much late to the game, but I've finally read Jennifer L. Armentrout's The Crown of Gilded Bones which continues the epic saga that is the Blood and Ash series! This series truly is beyond epic as each book continues to amaze me with the depth and detail that goes into each novel. This is not a series for the faint at heart, that is for sure!

With a book that is over 500 pages, it's hard to narrow down the plot into simple terms, at least the beginning parts. Because, let's face it, this book is just a touch chaotic in the beginning. Not that is a bad thing at all mind you, but it just makes it hard for me as a reader to try to generalize it for other readers. Should there be any who have yet to read this book. I'm a slow reader, so naturally, I didn't get around to this one right away! Lol.

In this story, we see Poppy continue to battle her enemies as there are still many who are against her and Cas' union. Despite the fact that they are already married, enemies like Alistair are still set to see Poppy killed for blood related reasons. But naturally, Poppy, nor Cas, is going to take that kind of attitude sitting down.

Poppy gets a bit of self-discovery in this novel as well. She learns more about what happened to her parents and beyond. She learns what is so special about her blood and abilities and we finally get to learn of her brother, Ian's, fate. A lot is learned in this one, facts that are positively game changing! I'm still blown away that we're only halfway through the series...or that the second half is just getting underway!

As before, we continue to see quite a bit of steamy romance! Out of all the authors I read who write "romance scenes," Armentrout is definitely among the faves! While there is quite a bit of physical activity between Poppy and Cas, what I've come to enjoy more is the emotions behind their acts of intimacy. It's not always sex for sex's sake. And when an author can get that across, it just makes those moments more heated I feel like! I also really enjoyed the fact that Willa's diary continues to be a great joke between these two! There's something extra special in store in that area, if you haven't read the book yet!

The pacing to this one was much like it's predecessors. It's not a fast paced novel by any means, yet the sedate pace seems to work with this style of novel. There is much to be learned with the characters and the history and what it will all mean for the future. Let alone the impact of the current events' on the future events! And to realize there's still 3 novels left in this series has my mind spinning because holy cow! So much has happened already and the fourth book's title was very telling as to what we can expect! Just wow. I can't wait to get to that one just to see what will be happening for future books indeed!

What also continues to surprise me about this fantasy read is how much modernity is mixed within. I can't recall if I previously decided this is sort of a futuristic fantasy read? Or if it's been said elsewhere for that matter! Little bits and pieces of modern things are interjected into the story that has me thinking this could be the way. For how often do you find a shower in a grand castle like the Beast's? Lol. But the suspension of belief has always been part of the joy in reading. You just learn to accept things the way they are.

Poppy is a character I can totally get behind! I love her strength and her somewhat sheltered background, as being a bit of social recluse I can relate to some of her awkwardness when it comes to some social situations. That she is not the typical Barbie build either is a relief, because it's amazing how so many heroines in books still are these days. Cas is another delight! He's a man that I still adore because of his absolute devotion to Poppy. I had my doubts in the beginning part of the series, what with the lies and deceptions, but like Poppy, I have come to move past those times. It's a beautiful thing! Lol.

The ending to this one was epic! Like holy cow, I wish I could read faster so I could actually pick up the next book of this series, but alas, fate has other plans for me right now. But needless to say that this was a truly epic and beautiful read!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


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