Jul 21, 2022

Random Thursday


Time for a round of true/false factoids that will truly amaze you...or if you're super smart and know them already, maybe not! Lol. Time to see what we'll learn in True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley.

(image borrowed from BBC)

Did you know that the earliest dentures were made from corpses?

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

The Mayans really did remove the beating heart from a human being for their sacrifices.

That's terrifying!

(image borrowed from History Channel)

Did you know The Hundred Years' War really lasted 116 years?

I guess The 116 Years' War wasn't as catchy.

(image borrowed from History Extra)

Did you know that Catherine the Great had an entire room with furniture decked out with erotic images...like sexual organ images?

This I did not know. Weird. 

(image borrowed from National Geographic Society)

Did you know Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was not the keynote speech of the event? That belonged to Edward Everett, and his speech lasted over two hours!

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