Oct 22, 2022

Halloween Creatures Book Tag


I found this post over at Essentially Ash and thought that it looked like fun! It was found at Blogging with Dragons. I also borrowed the above image from there.

WITCH--a magical character or book

Kate is a witch in this one and it's an amazing book! Time traveling, magic, curses!! Amazingness!

WEREWOLF--the perfect book to read at night

Well, there are no werewolves but it's a pretty creepy, ghostly read to read at night!

FRANKENSTEIN--a book that truly shocked you

One of my favorites! It was bizarre, eerie, and very mysterious!

THE DEVIL--a dark, evil character

Oh this one was hard! Levana was pretty sinister, and this cover...chills!

GRIM REAPER--a character that never should've died

Well, it's been long enough now, Ethan's death gutted me!

ZOMBIE--a book that made you hungry for more

THAT ending!!! Omg, I SO needed more! Rumor had it that there was suppose to be a sequel but nothing ever came of it and I am gutted by this...along with many other canceled series! Though this can work as a heartbreaking standalone.

GARGOYLE--a character you would protect at all costs

I would say Tella! Though she probably doesn't need any extra saving. She's a tough girl, but one of my favorites!

VAMPIRE--a book that sucked the life out of you

Oh wow. This one took a bit of digging. I guess because I black out what sucked the life out of me! This one was pretty slow based on my notes and not what I had hoped for.

GHOST--a book that still haunts you

It's not so much that this book haunts me, but the series as a whole. I think it was my first foray into canceled series that ended on major cliffhangers and heartbreak!

DEMON--a book that really scared you

This was the first book I remember being scared by! It was a creepy haunted house/ghost story one. I can't remember much of it now, but I can recall reading it late at night and freaking out when I heard the house settling! LOL.

SKELETON--a character you have a bone to pick with

I couldn't really think of a character I had a bone to pick with. In a sense, you could say that about Faythe. Oh, how I remember talking with other readers and how we just wanted to kind of slap her sometimes!

MUMMY--a book you would preserve throughout time

Well, I would really need to preserve EVERY book Stephanie writes, so yeah. LOL.

CREEPY DOLL--a cover too scary to look at

Well, maybe not too scary to look at but it's still pretty freaky!

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