Oct 15, 2022

Spooky Cover Challenge


Okay, so I didn't sign up for #Fraterfestrat as I usually don't have time for reading challenges like this. I never know what might turn up in my mailbox and shake up my reading queue so I never feel like I can commit to these! But when I saw this post over at Caffeinated Reviewer's blog, I felt like I HAD to do this at least because it looked so fun! I borrowed this image above from Kimberly's post as well!

The rules are pretty simple and they are to find a cover that fits the numbered prompts below:

  1. haunted house
  2. blood
  3. full moon
  4. kittens & witches
  5. zombies
  6. vampires
  7. shifters
  8. pumpkins
  9. ghosts & ghouls
  10. scary


I still need to read this one! Hopefully I can maybe read it next! Love a good spooky read!


It was a little alarming how many covers I had to choose from! I mean, yes there's the Crave series as a whole...but I had other covers too!


I mean, you saw this cover coming right?


This prompt ALMOST had me! But then I dug into the Nocturne Falls series--which I'm still behind in--and found this one! She's a witch and there's a cat! Close enough to kitten! Lol!


Another one that almost had me!


Absolutely no issue with this one clearly!! Lol!
*Though I am still peeved that Goodreads changed the cover of Dead Until Dark to have the "new" series name on it vs the original series name.


Another one I had no trouble with...I mean other than choosing a favorite!


I originally was going to go with a Nocturne Falls title for this one but then didn't want to use the same series twice...I know, I know, I'm weird! Lol! So I went with the ever classic Five Little Pumpkins for obvious reasons!


Here is clearly a ghost! Figured I was okay with one choice! This was a fun read because the ghost was the main character of the series!


Another one with oh so many choices! Lol! This cover though did creep me out since it looks like the flowers started growing out of her eye sockets!

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