Oct 10, 2022

Let's Discuss: Discontinued Treats


It's the season of spookiness and lots of treats! While I always preferred Easter candy over Halloween candy, there are still plenty of tasty treats this time of year. But alas, I find myself craving the ones that are no longer there. Halloween candy that they discontinued for whatever reason that I sorely miss and I totally forgot one was already discontinued when I was trying to find it last month!

Discontinued Treats

What came to mind first were the Candy Corn Hershey Kisses!

It's exactly what it sounds like! Candy Corn flavored white chocolate! They were super sweet and super good! They were adorable looking too! I guess not everyone liked white chocolate or something as they only lasted for a few years. It was as I was searching for a good picture for this post that I belatedly found a petition to try to bring them back. Found it about 6 years too late and sadly it didn't even get that many signatures.

Next up, ironically, is Candy Corn M&Ms. How I got hooked on candy corn flavored candy is beyond me! I saw it at the store and tossed it into the cart and became addicted to it! Lol.

So again we're basically looking at white chocolate candy that was infused with candy corn flavoring. Then of course the candy coated shell! These were an excellent substitute for when the Hershey Kisses disappeared. But I somehow forgot that these were discontinued too!

Apparently if you're wanting candy corn flavored candy, you just need to have candy corn itself! But it's not the same!


Do you have any favorite Halloween treats that are no longer in existence? Or just a favorite treat in general that has been discontinued?

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