Oct 13, 2022

Random Thursday

We have reached the end of True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley! This has been a fun few years reading through this book! I'm not sure what I have planned next for my Thursday meme as I feel like I need to do something else other than read from a book of randomness, even if it was pretty fun! We will have to see what I can cook up! If anything I might just make a routine discussion post for this day! We shall see!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Apparently, there's a myth that the "butterfly's" name stems from a typo of its supposed original name "flutterby." It's also false.

I have never heard of this until now!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

There's a rumor that Fred Rogers was a Marine sniper before becoming a children's TV show star. But this is all false. There was never any evidence that Rogers served in the military.

How did I not hear of this rumor either?!

(image borrowed from CNN)

The reason why the Declaration of Independence lasted so long and remained in good condition was due to the fact that it was written on animal skin.

Now this one I can believe!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

There's a myth called "rule of thumb" which was a belief that a man could beat his wife as long as he did not use a stick that was wider than this thumb, but it's completely false. There are only secondhand  references to this throughout history. Though it was never official, it's believed that the term referred to planting depth among agriculturalists.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

In Hong Kong, there was once a walled off city called Kowloon that eventually was demolished in 1993. Prior to that it was home to over 30,000 people in 0.01 square miles of space. It was a lawless region with gang activity and was rampant with drug trafficking.

I feel like there needs to be a dystopian book that takes place here. I'm sure there could be and I just don't know about it! Lol.

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