Oct 6, 2022

Random Thursday

It's the beginning of the end! Last week we will finish learning the bizarre and true facts from Shane Carley's True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t! Let's learn one more round of obscure facts on totally random subjects.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Benjamin Franklin is a member of the Hall of Fame of International Swimming!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

A, possibly insane, man named Emperor Norton proclaimed himself to be the Emperor of the United States. He even created his own currency. Since he was so beloved in San Francisco, many bars and establishments accepted his fake currency.

That's just weird. Why did my classes never teach me of this guy?!

(image borrowed from Youtube)

Did you know that apparently right-handed people live an average of 9 years longer than left-handed people?

This I find hard to believe...I mean where are they getting their numbers?

(image borrowed from WIRED)

Conspiracy theorists believe that there is a FEMA death camp hidden beneath the Denver International Airport.

I honestly had to look up what this is. It is pretty terrifying, so I decided not to read too much into it!

(image borrowed from Space.com)

Tachyons are particles that move faster than the speed of light. They move so fast that they appear to move backwards in time!

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