Oct 25, 2022

Supernatural Book Tag


So this is another fun tag I found over at Lili Lost in a Book! It's a book tag that's related to my favorite show, Supernatural! I borrowed the above image from Lili's post but it was originally found at Books and Chill, but when I tried visiting it upon writing this post, it was coming up unavailable.

THE COLT: If you could own a fictional item, what would you choose?

I honestly couldn't think of much. I guess my reads don't always have important, magical objects. Or if they do, you DO NOT want to have it! Lol! So I will go with a magic wand! That would be nice to make things happy. Or a magical flying broom, or a time-turner (or whatever it was called because I am seriously bad at HP trivia! I know it's terrible!).

THE IMPALA: If you could own a fictional vehicle what would you choose?

Did I mention I suck at trivia? I for the life of me can't think of a book that had a flying carpet in it other than the original tale where Aladdin came from. I know it had to pop up in some book of mine, but alas I can't remember if it did. I used this cover as a guess since it was based on One Thousand and One Nights.

CROWLEY: a villain you love to hate

Honestly, Rachel wrote a lot of villains that I just hated! They were despicable characters and I hated them like I was meant to! Lol. There are villains that I ended up loving a bit and who may not have really been villains at all. But I'm taking this topic as a villain that I rooted to see burn in the end! Avari was definitely one of those! He was a demon, so he was meant to be awful but I hated that demon so much! So honestly, not at all like how I felt about Crowley who I hated then grew to like a lot!

SAM AND DEAN: Two characters from different books that'd make a perfect team to fight with

For some reason, I really wanted to see Charley and Lorelei collide somehow since they both deal with seeing Death and ghosts and all that. I think they would've made an interesting team!

DEAN AND CAS: two characters from different books that would make the perfect couple

Though I was entirely satisfied with Tella's choice at the end of Finale--as I love seeing Jacks and Evangeline together too in the new series, I think it would be interesting to see Tella and Jackal interact! Ironic name choice I know. But Jackal was a bit of a smartass and Tella is sassy as well. I think they would've torn each other apart almost, but they'd definitely make a very likeable couple. Minus the whole vampire thing on Jackal's part!

BOBBY: your favorite mentor-figure

Okay, this one was really, really hard too! No mentor character stood out in my memory so I sifted through reviews looking for mentions of mentors. And a lot of them died in the beginning or ended up being evil in the end. So yeah, no real good mentors! Then I found Sebastian in this series that I still need to finish! It was sequel spinoff to the author's original vampire series that I loved. I read this one but haven't read the rest and I found that Sebastian was acting in a sort of mentor format. So he's my answer for this one! Hopefully I can finish this series soon! I gotta see if I have the sequels now too!

THE ANGEL TABLET: one of the best books you've ever read

I bet I surprised you with this one right? Lol! I LOOOOVED Caraval! There's no denying that, but I have to say I adored Tella soooo much in this series! Her "first" book really hooked me and I loved her character's journey in this one and all the other characters we got to see and meet! It was perfect!

THE DEMON TABLET: one of the worst books you've ever read

Well, I don't like saying it's the worst book I ever read. But it was a major, MAJOR disappointment! I went in expecting an edgy thriller with a murder mystery that needed solving and a murderer to be revealed. What I got was a totally bland story of everyday life of a teenager just trying to find her place at school and dealing with social issues, where oh, someone dies. Maybe they were murdered, but "my popularity issues are more important right now..." Okay so the character didn't quite think that, but yeah, the murder mystery definitely took a backseat in this one.

SHAPESHIFTERS: a book with a much better cover in a different country

I really liked the UK The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea better than the US one. I really liked the Fairy Loot color choices too!

HUNTERS: a character you would love to hunt

Malone was one of the first villains I seriously hated and wanted to jump into the book and kill myself! Lol.

CHUCK/THE AUTHOR: a book in which you guessed the plot twist

I forget for how long we were trying to figure out what was wrong with Grace after she woke up in this one. I remember guessing right away what that problem was and was right, naturally! I know it's something that gets revealed long before the end, but I just can't remember how long it took! That was too many reads ago! Lol.

CASTIEL'S TRENCHCOAT: a book that looks much better without its dustjacket

Another one I struggled with. There are many books where I LOVE the "hidden" cover under the dust jacket, but I can't really say it's better. I mean, they have always both been equally beautiful and amazing! Lol! So let's just say that from the gorgeous dust jackets with gorgeous designs on the book itself, Stephanie Garber's books have always been the best in that category!

CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON: put your playlist on shuffle and play the first song. For which book is this song the perfect soundtrack?

Okay, so when I did this I got: Wasted Time by Fuel

When I thought of books I thought of Bitten by Kelley Armstrong since that had a couple that was together, then broke up and was apart for years until being forced to reconnect when trouble arises within their pack.




CHARLIE: your ultimate fangirl/fanboy moment 

Okay this picture is SUPER old, lol! But this was the first time I got to meet Maria V. Snyder when I paid for a flight in 2008 to go to Pittsburgh where the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention was happening! I wanted to meet Maria and since there was a slew of other favorite authors I could meet, I convinced my mom to come with me. I bought her plane ticket too and possibly the hotel. I had her pay for food, so it was pretty much in her favor to come along! Lol! But yes! I totally fangirled here because I had been writing to Maria a lot as well at the time!


(I also borrowed this gif from Lili's post as I was writing this post late and got too tired to look for anything different! Plus it had all 3 of them in it and served its purpose well! Lol)

Okay, I'd marry Dean, Kiss Sam, and Push Castiel off a cliff. It was a tough choice but I pretty much loved Dean from the start, Sam's dark times were pretty scary. Castiel had his dark times too but did redeem himself. Plus he has wings, so pushing him off a cliff is pretty much pointless as he would fly...as long as he was still in his "good health" days...which he would be since this is fantasy and I'm making it mine! Lol.

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