Apr 28, 2023

Book Blogger Hop


This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!
This week's question is: Have you tried a reel on Instagram? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews

MY ANSWER: I'm not super big on the reels/videos in Instagram. I joined because I wanted to share pictures but then they started adding the reels and stories and while I occasionally post a story...mainly to "reshare" something an author posted or a contest entry kind of thing, I kind of prefer to keep it simple and stick with pictures. 
I did post at least one video to my recollection...wayyyyyyy back when my Caraval collection was super tiny I posted a reel of my entire collection. It was before Finale released so it was just Caraval & Legendary. I remember now I think it was before the actual "reel" feature so it was just the mini video or what have you, because I could not find Jodi Benson's Part of Your World ANYWHERE in the then current feature's library, so I had the movie playing in the background on my iPad to get the part of the song that I wanted.

Funnily enough Instagram gave me some kind of "flag" for using Jodi's song because it somehow belong to "The Ally and AJ" or something like that...and I was like who? What? Seriously? It's literally THE LITTLE MERMAID movie playing in the background. I think in the long run, certain territories might not be able to "listen" to the music in the background. It was weird. I didn't get in trouble trouble, but to me it was like they were saying the song belonged to that user or something and I was like noooo...it's the movie that I paid for playing in the background. But yeah, the song is so in the "library/collection" now, so it was just the timing issue I guess.
I think I did try playing around with the reel feature one other time, but I never have any good ideas for them. I hardly ever watch anyone else's reels either, they take too long to get through, which is why I just like the "picture feature" that was Instagram's original purpose.


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