Apr 25, 2023

Let's Discuss: Book Separation Anxiety


So I've been trying to think of another post idea! There's only so many ideas running through my head, half the time I think of an idea that I talked about 3 or so years ago! Lol! I mean, I guess I could always rehash a topic, but then the funny thing is...my opinion is still the same! But this time I am facing a new problem and that is...

Book Separation Anxiety

Currently, the majority of all my books are in storage. All of the "read" ones anyway. I am house searching so it was more feasible to have them all in storage then at my parents since they just moved and didn't want a million books in the new house. They settled for the few hundred of books I need to read still. So it was a compromise! Lol.

Anyway, the problem comes when I think of a great picture idea for something and I realize...all the books are in storage. Or mainly, I read the last book and the rest of the series is in storage. And my storage unit is PACKED! I mean PACKED! I utilized every inch of space I have in that unit so I am getting my money's worth. I've a few bookcases in there, some other "normal" boxes of stuff I bought ahead of time for my new place that I am trying to find but of course the market sucks right now and interest rates really suck.

But anyway, it's not really a problem just problematic, if that makes sense! I basically move on from that picture idea and try to regroup and work with just the one book!

The other problem I have is when I need to find a book for an upcoming signing! It's pretty much guaranteed that the book is in storage because I would read at least one from whatever author is coming to St. Louis! This past weekend I was "lucky" enough to find my book halfway through the stacks. I had the foresight to write on every box what author was in it! I even checkmarked the names if the books inside were signed, so when I went looking for my Marie Lu books last month, I knew what boxes not to bother opening!

It's a very, very tiresome process and it didn't help that the facility had the heat on since it was a colder day, as I opted for the climate controlled rooms to keep my books at a good temperature. To prevent any kind of damage from happening. It's on the second floor of the building, and a bit of a walk from the elevator but it's not too bad...unless you're toting two bags of books with you, plus a step ladder to reach the tall stacks, to put into the unit, lol.

It also doesn't help when we had storms the last few weekends that I was a bit worried about my babies. I know it's not something to really "worry" about, but I did. I miss my books. I miss having my shelves setup so I can walk by them and admire all the wonderful books I've read over my lifetime. Really, really, really hoping to find a perfect place sometime soon so I can get them all out of storage and back in my waiting arms! Not really looking forward to the unboxing of them all because omg is that going to be tiresome, but hopefully I'll have more shelves by then and can put more of them out instead of tucking away into closets and such! The labels on the boxes will at least help me with the alphabetizing...but the boxes themselves are SOOOO disorganized as I took multiple trips to the unit in the beginning when I boxed a few books up and then moved them in a trip or two at a time. And since I've been in there a few times digging for things, boxes were shuffled around numerous times, so nothing is really where it originally began!

Have you ever had any kind of book separation anxiety? Did you have to remove or leave books behind for whatever reason? Did it make you sad, did you wish you had particular titles for random things?

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