Apr 3, 2023

Let's Discuss: Imagining Characters


Do you ever get character descriptions a bit backwards or confused as you're reading a book? I mean I know in the beginning of the story or when characters first walk on the page...early on basically we get a description of their appearance. But that's usually it. With first person point of view I can see why the heroine or hero won't notice the height of their best friend a second time or what color their hair is...but sometimes...I kind of forget and will think it's something entirely different!

Imagining Characters

For example, as I am reading The Study of Poisons for some reason, back when I read Poison Study, I had it in my head that Janco was a talk, bulky character. I kind of imagined a Fezzik from The Princess Bride...and then I thought Ari was a bit shorter in stature and kind of lithe, but still physically fit. So basically he was Inigo from The Princess Bride. I mean, obviously, I altered hair colors and facial features in my head, but body structure wise...that's what came to mind!

In my reading of The Study of Poisons I realized I pretty much flipped their descriptions! Janco is the shorter, lither one and Ari is the big strong dude! And for some reason...this totally shook up what I thought I remembered! Lol. Granted, I read Poison Study looooooong before this blog began...okay, maybe 3 years before it began, so looong before this blog began! I guess I wouldn't have put much stock into making notations and such back then. I mean, as it is now, I just focus on plot details to help get me through the sequels!

But yeah, as I was reading a little further along, I was baffled that I got these descriptions flip flopped somehow! Worse, as I continued reading and the Power Twins popped back up again, I still saw them the way I always saw them instead of the way they should be!

So I guess my question is, have you ever envisioned a character in a way that was not the way it was described on the page? When you realized your mistake, did you correct it, or did you keep seeing the character you created? I keep trying to put my Janco face on Ari and vice versa, but it's a little harder than I thought it would be! Lol.

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