Apr 11, 2023

Let's Discuss: Reading Rituals


I was eager to write up a discussion post, but alas I had zero ideas! It's currently Easter morning, so I am trying to get some blogging in before the festivities begin! Lol. So I scanned the helpful list over at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and saw one that I don't think I ever talked about. I mean...I may have in part, but I didn't do the deep dive of it that I feel like the subject requires. 

Reading Rituals

When I saw the topic on "reading rituals" I figure...I have a few of those! So why not discuss them all! My number one thing is that I prefer silence when I read! If I have the TV on or even listen to music my attention will be pulled in two different directions. Granted, I have been known to read even when there's other noise going on, like the TV or you know, people-y sounds. Back in the day, I would listen to music while I hung out between classes so I could block out the noise of several people talking in a confined space. But yes, my ideal setup these days is to read in silence!

Other rituals I feel like I do that play a small part in my "reading" game is a little thing, picking out my bookmark! Lol. Yes, it's weird. When I start one of my beautiful real books, I always pick out the perfect bookmark! Sometimes I try to color coordinate it with the book cover, I actually try to do this a lot! More often then I realize. Of course, if I get a sparkly new bookmark, I use that one on the next read no matter what! Other times I try to pair them ironically. Like if I had a Disney bookmark and happen to be reading a Disney book, I'll pair them together! It's even more perfect if they are from the same movie. They aren't always!

I used to take dust jackets off hardcovers, but lately, I find I don't do this as much. I still will if the cover seems to be really slippery and keeps moving up and down with every page turn, but for the most part I keep them on!

When I had to commute to work, I would always pick out a special book sleeve to use as well! You all know I had a pretty extensive book sleeve collection but since I started working from home, I don't use them too much anymore. They're actually in storage right now. So I might be in trouble if I need them for anything! Luckily, I do have a handful of the book box ones should I ever get to attend a book festival again! I feel like those are ideal for packing in suitcases as they're thinner and still protect the book to the extent that the pages wont get ruffled or ruined! But anyway, I would pick out a book sleeve to either coordinate with the cover, color wise. Of course I had some various sizes so that would play a factor as well! If things really worked out the pattern of the sleeve would pair well with the book too! Spooky patterns for spooky titles, Disney patterns for Disney-ish books! I loved doing this when I went anyway! It's just a dorky little thing that brought a smile to my face, even if no one else would "get it."

I feel like I don't have too many other rituals. My last one I guess would be notetaking. I always take a good deal of notes when reading. Mostly with plot details as I read a little slower these days and if it takes me 4-5 days to finish a book, I might not always get the exact details right about how things started. And spellings! Hoo boy, if I am reading a fantasy or another book with intricate spelling I want to make sure I get that right for the review. I make sure to get every important plot detail for series that are ongoing. I'm still in trouble for a few books that I did not do this for that I need to finish the series still. Trying to locate series recaps is impossible as not many people did them for the books I need! If I'm reading a standalone or a final book of the series, I don't go into as much detail. Just enough to write a review!

And I think that's really about it. I guess I don't have as many rituals anymore. As to where I read, it's really just anywhere. As long as I am moderately comfortable I can read pretty much anywhere!


What about you? Do you have any reading rituals?

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