May 2, 2023

Let's Discuss: Favorite Weather


So here in the Midwest we are currently enjoying spring! In the next week or two, maybe three...summer will be here with a vengeance and I am DREADING it! Then it got me wondering...what's your favorite kind of weather? Not necessarily for reading purposes, but just overall?

Favorite Weather

I do like spring, sometimes. On days like last Saturday where it's nice and cool, partly cloudy, but partly sunny. A nice breeze every now and's my ideal spring weather! Generally, I don't always like it since spring means thunderstorms which then develop into severe weather and despite living in the Midwest all my life, the severe storms give me anxiety. I've remained safe and alive all this time, but I feel like it's tempting fate sometimes...I can't describe it really. But needless to say when spring comes around, my anxiety is always hovering on the horizon.

I do like fall though, a little like spring, but maybe a bit colder! I love the cooler/colder weather as it's just comforting. Though fall can produce severe weather as well, it doesn't really do so as much as spring!

I loathe summer. While pretty much everyone I know loves the hot, heat, humidity, and endless sun...I can't stand it! I think it skipped a generation or two as my grandmother who lived up north all her life moved here when my mom was little and loved every moment of the heat and humidity. My mom can deal with some amount of the heat. I hate it all!

Then we have winter, which is another season I love! I can do without the snow and ice that makes driving impossible, but the temperatures themselves are ideal! Granted I don't care for the dipping below freezing level, but I would much rather deal with the cold than the heat. My answer always is you can layer up to keep warm, but with summer heat all you can do is suffer, no matter how lightweight your clothing won't help!

In theory I would then rank the seasons in order of enjoyment fall, winter, spring, summer. So not quite in order, but pretty close! Lol! 

So what's your favorite season? How would you rank the seasons in terms of favorite and least favorite?

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