May 9, 2023

Sixth Book to the Left...and Straight on til Morning!


Okay, I don't think this is a meme or a fun tag or something like that! I was just doing my daily blog hopping and I came to this post, What is Your Sixth Book to the Left on Silver's Reviews! It sounded so simple, yet so fun! I always love playing this "game" of getting a number or some sort of directional point and seeing what book I land on! I may have done the fun play on words with my own title up above, only because I couldn't help myself! Lol!

As of right now, most of my "read" books are in storage as I listlessly search for my own place. I say "listlessly" because it's sadly not going very well. I guess the market isn't so hot for buyers, or at least a single gal looking to buy a house in a safe neighborhood. So my options are dismal at the moment. Hence the storage until full of books! At least when it's time to hire movers, I'll just tape up the boxes and let them have at it! Lol.

Okay, back on track! The game is simply to pick the sixth book to the left of your shelf. So I came to one of my middle shelves and landed on On These Black Sands by Vanessa Rasanen! This one sounded like a fun highseas adventure with pirates and a bit of romance! I was even more excited when I learned Vanessa would be at an event I was going to attend in the summer, but it sadly got canceled ahead of time because of low attendance. I was really looking forward to meeting so many indie authors, but alas, I will have to try to find another similar event someday in the future! Hopefully!

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