May 29, 2023

Let's Discuss: Where Have All the Authors Gone?


So it was just now (or yesterday really since I'm posting this the next day!) as I was responding to a comment that a bit of a discussion came to mind and I thought, let's discuss it! And yes, then I decided to give my post title a play on words on that old 90s song! Bonus points if you know the one!

When Authors Quit the Biz

Have you ever had a favorite author who just seemed to quit writing? Either they disappear from all bookish realms or maybe just their books but you still see them on social media? It was as I was going through my TBR pile for my Thursday meme that I realized a few authors I used to LOVE no longer write anymore.

First that came to mind was Victoria Scott! I LOVED her YA books! They were just incredibly awesome and I even had the pleasure of meeting her a time or two at my now deceased and beloved RT Booklovers Convention! But she hasn't seemed to put any books out in a few years and I know she started a sort of book box subscription for aspiring writers that I looked at when it first came out. But alas, it doesn't seem like she writes anymore. 

There was also another author I read for a short time (I say short because she only seemed to have 3 books and a series that didn't take off), Cara Lynn Shultz! She had a nice ghosty YA trend going and for awhile it looked like she would have at least a sequel to the one, but nothing ever came of it. I still follow her on Instagram, but it doesn't look like she's writing anymore either.

It makes me wonder sometimes, do writers lose their love for writing? Do they no longer have the itch to write the story that's taking up space in their heads? I know there's likely a hundred thousand reasons as to why they left that world, but it always makes me wonder as a reader, why? All the whys. Especially if they left a series unfinished, that always hurts!

You know me, I've wayyyyyy too many series that were canceled by publishers and authors who decided not to finish them. It's as I sit here writing that I remember another author who seemed to leave the writing world behind but I still steadfastly followed her on Instagram and I no loner see any of her posts with her adorable dog or stunning clothing designs. It makes me sad, especially since this was an author I read a lot of her books and loved them (and that cancelled YA series because OMG it was SO FREAKING INCREDIBLE!)! She was also one I had lunch with at my first RT all those years ago! It was a group lunch that I still look back on fondly.

So I guess my post is more about me mourning the loss of authors and just wondering...where have they gone? Have you ever had a favorite author who left the writing world behind...and even the social media world?

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