Feb 26, 2024

Let's Discuss: Deserted Island Reads


So a thought came to me the other day, I was actually driving home so yeah, trying to remember that thought until I got home so I could write it down for this very moment was another thing entirely! I think I literally remembered it just before I was falling asleep and I had to grab my phone and send myself a quick email of thoughts!

If You Were on a Deserted Island...

You all know that question, "if you were on a deserted island and you could only bring one thing..." You know like for us readers it would be you could only bring/have 1 book with you, what would it be? I HATE this question! Lol. I mean yes, trying to choose 1 book out of thousands in my current collection would be impossible! But mainly I hate this question because I would say like 90% of my books are books that are in a series. So having to choose 1 book from a long or short series is impossible!

Yes, I know some people can say they loved book 4/6 the best of whatever series they love. But for me, I'm more like I can probably pick a favorite series more than choosing just 1 book from it. You get invested in the story and you need the prior books to get to the part you love most and then you may need the rest to get to that HEA ending, because it seriously has to have a HEA ending, even if it's just a sort of temporary one! Lol.

There are some series like Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series where they were more of standalones all coexisting with one another and a heroine may have more than one book in the series. So there I can see myself choosing a favorite. But would it be the book I choose for a deserted island stay? Not likely. Always in my scenarios, a rescue boat is coming! Lol.

But even as I try to really think it through and pick a title, I feel like I can't! For instance, you all know I LOVE the Caraval trilogy! Caraval was so incredible, but I was really taken away with Legendary as Tella quickly became my favorite character! But it's the middle book of a trilogy. Stuff happened before that setup Tella's story, then hers and Scarlett's story continued in Finale! I don't even think I could happily take Legendary as my book because that ending was just shy of brutal. I mean it was brutal, but Finale softened the blow later on. But I can't just say Finale then, because I would be missing everything that led up to those events! It's impossible to choose!

And I am sure I could pick a good standalone book that I loved, but can I say that it's a favorite enough to re-read a few times while I wait for my rescue boat? Eh...There were also times I thought I could get away with choosing a compilation book as my choice! You know, one of those bind-ups that actually has 3 novels in it, but is in fact, just 1 gigantic novel?

So needless to say, as the avid reader that I am, I cannot in good conscience answer this question. So please don't ask me it! Lol.

What about you? Could you easily choose 1 book to re-read a few times while waiting for a rescue boat on a deserted island?

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