Feb 20, 2024

Let's Discuss: Writing Discussion Posts

So as I was writing that last post I made one comment that I thought would make a good discussion! When you get an idea for a discussion how soon do you write said post?

Writing Discussion Posts


I have to say that I am really bad about writing my posts right away! If I get an idea for a post though I usually send myself an email from my phone to my blogger email. I'll give myself a few quick notes to help my train of thought so that when I have time to sit down and write posts I'll remember what I was talking about!

I write most of my blog posts on Friday nights. Yes, I live an exciting life! Lol. For the most part I blog ahead so if on the rare occasion I can't get to my writing them, I won't be too terribly behind. Usually just have to get the following week's Tuesday post written as that one can be a bit time consuming.


What about you? When you get an idea for a discussion post, do you write it right away or do you have a set day for writing posts as well?







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