Jun 21, 2024

Book Blogger Hop #311


This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!
This week's question is: Will society suffer in the future as a result of the younger generations' lack of reading? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer

MY ANSWER: Well...possibly? Is it bad to think that? I'd like to say that each generation should be making society better, but I sadly think we might be on the cusp of where that might not happen. I'm not saying the next generation will be the downfall of humanity! But I feel like reading so much has made me see the world a bit differently. 

Yes, I read fiction and fantasy. Yes, sometimes I read completely unrealistic things. I highly doubt a maniac vampire will become president and force humans to be their blood bags from birth to death! i.e. I've never read a book with that kind of plot. I might have a few books where a paranormal race might be the dominant race and humans are low in the food chain but yeah, whatever. Lol. 
Reading about human or supernatural being's struggles makes me empathize with them. We all have struggles whether we're homo sapiens or lycanthropes or are undead. We all have inner demons or sometimes physical ones haunting us.

Reading these things about general struggles from the inside and out, does kind of make you empathize a little bit more. 

And maybe sometimes it makes it a little harder for you to trust people. I mean when a guy tries to hide his "time of the month" as controlled by the lunar stages, you might not feel comfortable trusting just any ol body. Especially in the times of thrillers and serial killers where the nice, charming bookstore clerk, Joe Goldberg turns into a serial stalker/murderer. You learn to keep your guard up as a reader and, ironically, read every situation carefully before stepping into anything. You know that not all "monsters" are friendly and can actually be monsters; humans too. You have a different kind of perception of the world. You're open and also wary, you know not to always jump in head first.

Basically, as a result of reading, I am empathic. I am open to new ideas and situations or what have you. I am observant and I guess you can say hesitant or reluctant to jump in head first. I like to know what kind of situation I am walking into; I'm cautious.

I feel like these are traits the younger generation might not think to develop on their own. I know as I watch my teenage niece, she's glued to her phone 99% of the time and when I go out I see a lot of other teens her age doing the same. So yes, I guess I worry for this generation and the generations to come because who knows what the world, and society for that matter, will look [and act] like when they are older. 

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