Jun 16, 2024

Stacking the Shelves--Grievous Stress


Stacking the Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course ebooks! The meme is now hosted by Reading Reality.


It's still technically spring but boy howdy has summer weather hit the area and I HATE IT!!! It's soooo freaking hot and soooo freaking humid it's the most disgusting weather imaginable. And yet, I still see more than 1 car driving around with windows down. Granted, I can believe that a few of them might have AC troubles, but I truly believe a lot of them actually enjoy this god awful weather! Gag. Other than horrible, horrid weather, the week was another normal one. I've got 2 weeks left in my program at work and then we have our big graduation/presentation day and then we're done! Then I go back to getting off early on Fridays! This last Friday I not only had to wait an hour after I was done for the day to come back for our usual meetup but then I had to come back 2 hours later for a meetup with my team and our program leaders so they can see what we have so far. Then our team followed up after that to discuss a little more...so Friday was exhausting. I probably should've talked to my manager about overtime for this, but it didn't feel right. I work four 9 hour days and then Fridays I work 4 hours. If anything I'd have to readjust my schedule as while this is work related, it's not like required work related. I don't know. It was hard finding a good time with my team to get a weekly meeting in, that I didn't want to make waves. I'm nearly at the finish line so it'll be fine! Lol.

I am once again in shipping hell with B&N. They actually had the audacity to tell me that I would be getting my book a day earlier than the usual promised day and I was actually excited. I was hesitant and doubtful, but hey you're telling me Thursday instead of Friday! Well as you can imagine, it did not show Thursday. It did not show Friday. It did not come yesterday either. So if it's not in Monday's mail, I will be chatting it up with B&N again on Tuesday. You'd think I could have a regular contact by now since this has been happening ALL YEAR LONG! I think I can seriously only recall getting my books on time 2 or 3 times this year. THIS YEAR. It's INSANE! B&N needs to use a better service or make UPS take care of it as my book has not moved since Wednesday when UPS gave it USPS but USPS says they are still waiting for it. So something hinky is going on and I don't like it! It is making me sick to my stomach when it comes to October and my Spectacular orders start shipping!

But yeah. That's my week. As I might have complained on Twitter, the book I'm waiting on is not for an event nor have I read the book before it, so it's not detrimental that I get it asap, but I'd still like my freaking book during release week!

Here's what I did get this week:

Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross--Fairy Loot edition! Oddly, FL never notified me that this shipped! So when I started seeing other people getting their copies, I was like wth?! I hadn't even gotten a shipment notification email. I just got the usual one that told me it would be shipping soon and I have what, 24 hours to give them any updated addresses. But it arrived safe and sound and now I can finally binge this duology...eventually! Lol.

A Rivalry of Hearts by Tessonja Odette--SIGNED!

Then I finally placed a long overdue photo order and Shutterfly sent me a $20 voucher that I could not use on photos or shipping, so I took one of my favorite bookstagram photos and turned it into a puzzle. 

Sadly, for whatever reason, Shutterfly decided to mess with the coloring of the photo and turn into crap. I guess they thought it was too dark, which was kind of my intention as the coloring was pretty perfect from my phone which is where I took it and used that same photo for my Shutterfly app order. But yeah, they jacked it up. Not worth the shipping cost to get a replacement as I figure they'll say they did nothing wrong and had to "touch it up" to make it puzzle usable or some such BS. It's not bad, they just washed out the book cover and it pissed me off because I LOVE this cover so much! And they brightened everything with a yellowish tint, I was like wtf did you guys do this picture?! It looks nothing like the original.

Then I got my A Touch of Magic Designs order and I finally got my replacement print for a damaged print in my October order! I was so happy that it finally arrived as I feel like things kept happening or whoever I was speaking with wasn't the one packing orders and the one packing orders didn't understand what was going on. Needless to say I did get 2 random prints added to my order that one I did not want whatsoever and the other I have no clue what it is! I tried to go back to the website and look it up but they did a rebrand on the site and everything is SOOOO different! I couldn't find a single print that I recently ordered so yeah. I've no clue what this print is!

I got Tella, Scarlet, and Evangeline as mermaids.
Then there's this other mermaid down here on the left. I've no clue what character this is or what series/author it is as there's nothing identifying in the name. I could not find said picture name on their site and when I looked up the artist, this picture was not included. But if anyone knows what fandom this is, please let me know! I don't think it's a modern Ariel as I bought one of those last year and I bought a Bryce one too. I mean I guess it could still be one of those, I just don't know! It's driving me CRAZY not knowing who this is!
My replacement print was the Valkyries from ACOSF as Dracula's brides from Van Helsing, which is one of my favorite movies so I was happy to get an undamaged copy.

Then the print I did not want, I didn't picture as it was the freebie print which I had asked to exchange for another. It was the TOG couple making love. Since I am not a TOG fan at all, I had asked for another print but my note was forgotten about sadly. So now I am stuck with this one.

Then of course I bought the latest cupcake pin as the collection is nearly finished! By my count there should just be 1 more "special" like one for the bottom shelf on the pin banner and then I am done getting wrapped up in these! I'll just buy the pretty ones that I like from favorite fandoms! Lol. But I couldn't resist the "cupcake" vibe!

If I recall, I believe this was an Emily Wilde fandom one. I think. Possibly. It's not on the website anymore so I've no clue! I wish they could've put the fandom on the back of the pin or at least on the cardboard backings as I cannot remember all of them unless they were a favorite one!

And that was it for me this week! Thank you for bearing with me and my complaining and ranting! I've got no one else in real life to rant to who would understand all the book related woes, so you guys unfortunately get the brunt of it all!

What all did you get this week?

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