Aug 8, 2013


Hey all! I did some tweeting yesterday and this morning with some news that I wanted to share again! As I am learning with Twitter, it's hard to stay on top of everyone's tweets! It's like double the blogging! is some NEWS!

First off, I already have a totally awesome 1 day author event planned! Registered and everything! It's Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation (Luncheon)!!! There will be 40+ authors there and obviously lunch! It's in Milwaukee, WI and I just so happen to have relatives that just about an hour outside of the city--yay free room and board! Already mentioned it to my mom--yeah still living at home, tough economy but I pull my share at home with expenses and all--and she's for it since she doesn't mind a weekend trip up there on occasion and since I told here there are lots of authors going--obviously not up to RT quantity, but still 40+!--she'll be my transportation! I hate city driving!! During my two experiences doing it, I have twice now gone down a one way road without realizing it! Scary times, my friends!

Anyway, back to the luncheon deets. It's in Milwaukee, WI downtown. It costs $45 ish--there was a $2-something transaction fee, to sit in open seating, but it's just another $10 if you want to sit at a particular author's table. Some authors are already sold out--like Darynda Jones! But I did snag me a seat at Gena Showalter's table! As I LOVE her YA books!

It's on Saturday, April 26, 2014--there's also a free open-to-the-public event on Friday night with authors who arrive early to have a Q&A with anyone who attends! Not sure if I am doing that yet, was already jumping for joy with this event!

There's going to be time to mingle with authors, lunch and a signing afterwards! Debbie Macomber is the hostess and her table too is already sold out. This is not a free event nor is the signing open to the public, so keep that in mind. Also proceeds from this event will benefit Sojourner Family Peace Center of Milwaukee! So it goes to a good cause!

Here's the website for the full deets.

My other piece of news is minor, but still newsworthy! I was on Amazon today because in my newsletter from Nalini Singh I learned that Archangel's Legion is on SALE!! In paperback format as you all know, I LOVE my real books!

Archangel's Legion is on sale for $4.79


Origin is on sale for $5.99

That's 40% off paperbacks!! I know I am going to kick myself later when I don't have Origin to read right away on release day, but all good things need to be savored...right?...Right?...Right!...I think?! Well, you'll hear me crying later when I don't have it right away, as after I placed the order, there's still no set date for when it will be shipped, but I have faith that it won't be too long after it's released...right? ;)

Oh and best to act fast on these offers, because I honestly have no idea how long they will last! Barnes and Noble did not have such offers much to my dismay, since I have membership there, so I had to do two separate orders for these since I love a good deal, but there's no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that I am waiting til November for Origin--since Archangel's Legion releases October 29 and then there's the shipping and waiting involved. So again, ACT FAST! Just click on the covers to get to Amazon!

So that's my news of the day!


  1. Wow that sounds like such fun and you mentioned two authors I would love to meet..have fun!

  2. I pre-ordered Origin a few weeks ago. I'm completely obsessed with all things JLA. She's a writing master.


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