Aug 8, 2013

Random Thursday

So awhile back I had a preview of Teen Nick for a few weeks. Didn't really watch it, except for the weekends at 10pm when they had a series of TV shows dedicated to 90s Nick--my generation!! I was loving it, despite falling asleep early--definitely an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal!

Anyway, I was watching an episode of Hey Arnold, titled: The Headless Cabbie, and it got me thinking...90s cartoons were kind of intense! Not quite scary, but I think intense is a good word!

Basically the short story is a demon crazy lady killed a cabbie (horse drawn buggy) when she had given him a scarf and then it got caught up in trees during a chase to find her little doggie and then his head pops off when he was strangled. Not sure how the head pops off instead of just being hung, but whatever.

Arnold and his friends get caught up in the story and think that it's true, but turns out otherwise, but it's the ending that gives you chills as one of his boarding house residents/friends is earning extra cash by being a cabbie riding around in the park and he picks up a mysterious woman who lost her doggie and wants to find him, and she gives him a scarf. So yeah, that part was creepy!

Which I think back then, cartoons added that kind of creep factor in more than they do today! There was another Hey Arnold episode that did that. One that involved a train that went off tracks due to a crazy engineer or something and then at the end we see his ghost on the train that's about to go off its tracks!

Yeah, the 90s definitely had the best cartoon shows!


  1. Lol. I've seen like one episode of that show...guess I'll have to watch a few more(:
    Happy reading!

    Old Follower

  2. I REMEMBER THAT EPISODE! It scared me to death! That one and the episode with the ghost train or whatever. Totally creepy. I miss 90s cartoons like crazy. The halloween episodes we're actually scary and I remember not turning on Nick or Disney for fear that I was going to see something scary. Now, the episodes are about people turning into yogurt? Totally not scary!

    Awesome post!


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