Aug 12, 2013


Yup! Going on another vacation! This time to somewhere new and different!! I'll be going to Charleston, South Carolin and Savannah, Georgia!! Doing some sightseeing and taking tours, definitely a ghost tour! Visiting the cemeteries...and oh yeah, going to the signing day of Authors After Dark!!

I would've loved to do the whole convention, but didn't think I could afford two conventions in one year. So instead I am splitting the costs of sightseeing around the area with my mom and seeing some fabulous authors on the signing day as well!

So I won't really be around in the blogosphere this week commenting wise! As always, I'll be checking my email and scanning the posts around and whatnot just to stay on top of things, because really, I can never stay away! I am hopelessly addicting to blogging!

See you all next week!


  1. Ooooh, Book Signing!!! So fun. I don't travel much but I would love to see Savannah. But I don't do well in humid heat, lol. Have fun!

  2. Have a great trip away!! See you around when you get back!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  3. Ah, two of my favorite places...and I'm jealous you're going to that book signing. ;) Have a wonderful time, Jessica!

  4. Ghost tours and cemeteries in one tour? Be still my beating heart. I used to do a lot of family history research and one of the best bits was exploring cemeteries. I hope you have lots of fun.


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