Aug 3, 2013

Top 5 Sundays

Top 5 Sundays is a weekly blog meme created by Larissa at Larissa's Bookish Life.

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This week's topic is: BEST BOOK TITLES!

*in no particular order

by Kim Harrison

Really, Kim's got the best titles!! Most of them are spun off of Dirty Harry movies as I've heard and recognize a few of them myself! I think this one might be my fave, just because it was the first one I picked up! Yes, I picked up book 2 unknowing that it was book 2. Think I was 100 pages in before it finally hit me!! Guess I missed the "Author of..." part!

by Darynda Jones

Another series that I love along with its titles!! They all have the constant # and grave that just seems to fit! It lets you know what book you're on in the series and still ties in that whole Reaper vibe! The titles are as spunky as the series itself!

by Victoria Laurie

Another series I adore, along with it's fun titles!! These all tend to have something "ghoulish" going on! I like this one with it's double twist to Madonna's hit song!!

by Charlaine Harris

Maybe a bit cliched, but I liked the title of this last "Sookie"--no long Southern Vampire--Novel. It was fitting since it was the final one. I guess not counting the After Dead that comes out in October though, although it does say "After" in that title! The use of "dead" in every title was another thing I liked about this series. It just kept a theme throughout that OCD chick in me likes!

by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

What I liked about this title--being my first vampire book and the one that started my lifelong obsession!--was that it connected to a poem! My copy is currently buried on my closet shelf, on the top, the book itself is on the bottom, and then there are the stacks in front of that since the older books are lower and in back, so I can't access it readily. But there was a poem in the beginning of this one whose last line was the title here! Amelia did this with her first book too. I don't think the third and fourth one in this Den of Shadows series had that same kind of theme with their poems, but this one did and I enjoyed it!


  1. I always loved the title The Good, the Bad, the Undead. That's kinda about I came up with my reviewing format.

  2. Great top 5 :D I forgot about Victoria Laurie's book titles, they're great, I should've totally put one on my top 5 :D

  3. hehe "Ghosts just haunt to have fun" is hilarious!

    loved them!


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