Aug 19, 2013

Pre-Release Bonaza: Omens; Day 3

Hey all! This is the third day of my Pre-Release Bonanza to Kelley Armstrong's Omens! Tomorrow, my review goes live as it is also the release day!

Here's my own personal Q&A with Kelley with just a few questions regarding her new series!

Q. What was it like to write this book after spending so much time in the Otherworld?

A. I’ve been working in the Otherworld for fifteen years—many books, many novellas and many short stories. OMENS was a chance to create a fresh world, pulling in elements of folklore I hadn’t used before. As much as I loved the Otherworld, it really was time to shake things up creatively, and I didn’t fully realize that until I wrote this book.

Q. Is this going to be a series? How many books do you have planned--in your head or contracted?

A. I’m contracted for three. I originally planned a trilogy. By the time I finished writing book 2 (Visions), I
knew I wouldn’t get the entire story told in three books. I’d love to see it go to five or six books, but that will depend on how those first couple are received!

Q. Was this a new idea you had towards the end of the Otherworld series or was it one you had before Otherworld started?

A. It definitely came later. I don’t even remember the other series ideas I had back when Bitten came out! I know I had several, as back-ups in case the Otherworld failed. My favourite of those became the Nadia Stafford mysteries. The others have faded from memory, which probably suggests they really weren’t worth holding onto.

Q. How different is this one going to be from the Otherworld series? Do people know the paranormal exists?

A. I call it a cross between the Otherworld and my Nadia Stafford books- the plots are more heavily mystery, but there are still light paranormal elements—omens, second sight and Celtic folklore rather than witches and werewolves. 

Q. What's your favorite way to relax after a day of writing? 

A. Spending time with my family! Just relaxing with my kids and husband—talking, playing board games, watching a movie or just hanging out together. 

Thanks so much for answering those questions Kelley!

Everyone be sure to get your copy of Omens tomorrow when it releases! It was definitely an awesome read and I can't wait for the next book in the series already!

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  1. Since I haven't started this series yet, I kind of skimmed the questions, but it's really cool that you have several posts leading up to the release, Jessica!

    Have a great day, and happy reading.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


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