Aug 1, 2013

Random Thursday

Remember American Girls? Of course, they are still around. I remember me and all my cousins--all 7 of us girls--all had one. Most of theirs have been retired or "archived" as the website says. And now it's my doll's turn.

Molly McIntire will be retiring sometime this year. Not sure when exactly, but I was actually trying to do a bit of research for one of my WIP's and remember that my doll Molly, would be the perfect source of information--her history and whatnot. When I went to the American Girl website, I found out that Molly is being archived!!

There's still time to buy Molly and her friend Emily--still never understood why American Girl decided to make the friends for some of the girls, money I suppose--and all her clothes and accessories.

The books and the miniature dolls of Molly and Emily are said to be still available after Molly goes into the archive.

I just remember picking Molly because I thought she was a cute doll and at the time none of my older cousins had her. Her glasses were cool too as she was the only one--and still only one really--to have them, and wear them all the time! Obviously you could buy accessories for the other dolls.

Molly comes from 1944, the time of World War II. So if that time period interested you and you liked American Dolls, buy Molly fast! Or if you know someone else, let them know Molly will be leaving us soon!

My niece actually has one of these dolls already, surprising since I remember we all didn't get one til we were like 7 or 8. She's got hers at 4. So least my sister got her a historical one, Caroline--the newest in the historical set, not counting Saige who is the doll of the year.

The newer dolls meant to look like you are cute and all, but to me American Girl were always historical dolls. A good way to teach girls about the past and history through the dolls and their books. Although, I do admit that my Molly did have some of the modern clothes too, because some of those outfits were just too cute!


  1. I still love American Girl! I never had too many accessories or clothes, since they were kind of expensive, but my parents bought me Kirsten for my birthday one year. I remember always being upset that none of the girls had freckles, so I couldn't get one that looked like me haha

  2. I think Molly is the only one I never had, although I never knew why. I always liked Kit. Great point, I the older versions had so much history and told a story. I had the horse and little dog too. Got rid of it all when I was ten, though. Almost ten years ago! Thanks for stopping by our blog!


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