Apr 8, 2017

Discussion Post Challenge: My Ideal Bookish Date

Okay, already falling behind this month with writing discussion posts! Whelp! Running out of ideas fast...as I keep forgetting to write them down--whelp--I turn to the helpful list provided yet again! And my choice today is:

My Ideal Bookish Date

My ideal bookish date would be me and my future boyfriend going to a BIG book event, I'm thinking RT or even YALLFest! And basically I would have two of me and send him to go wait in lines while I wait in another line and be able to get all my books signed! Lol! Countless time as I attended these events solo, I've watched other people have people with them, lol, be they parents, friends, boyfriends...just extra bodies!

Afterwards, I would of course treat him to dinner somewhere! Unless we were at RT, which lasts all night long--dinner would have to be owed at a later date! Lol!


  1. That sounds like a great plan. My husband doesn't read but he doesn't complain when I make him wait while I look through piles of books on sale and would probably wait in a line for me if I asked him to. Having someone along for these kind of events is always a plus.

  2. Ha! I love this bookish date!! Are you going to ALA in Chicago this year? I'm going to be there with my mom and I'm totally willing to work out a system where we stand in separate lines for things. I don't know how ALA works exactly, but I'm excited to find out. :-)

    By the way, I'm glad that our discussion list is helpful!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. Loved YallFest! Keeping my fingers crossed that I make it there this year. I still want to get to YallWest someday too.
    Sam @ WLABB


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