Apr 5, 2017

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog post by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights releases we're eagerly awaiting.

The Maze Runner meets Scott Westerfeld in the final novel in the gripping and romantic Cage series, about teens abducted from Earth by an otherworldly race.

Cora and her friends have escaped the Kindred station and landed at Armstrong—a supposed safe haven on a small moon—where they plan to regroup and figure out how to win the Gauntlet, the challenging competition to prove humanity’s intelligence and set them free. But Armstrong is no paradise; ruled by a power-hungry sheriff, it’s a violent world where the teens are enslaved and put to work in mines. As Nok’s due date grows closer, and Mali and Leon journey across space to rescue Cassian, the former inhabitants of the cage are up against impossible odds.

With the whole universe at stake, Cora will do whatever it takes, including pushing her body and mind to the breaking point, to escape Armstrong and run the Gauntlet. But it isn’t just a deranged sheriff she has to overcome: the other intelligent species—the Axion, Kindred, Gatherers, and Mosca—all have their own reasons to stop her. Not knowing who to trust, Cora must rely on her own instincts to win the competition, which could change the world—though it might destroy her in the process.

I still need to start this series but I decided early on...when I was falling so terribly behind, that I'd wait to binge read it! LOL!

TITLE: The Gauntlet
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins
GENRE: Dystopian YA
RELEASE DATE: May 23, 2017 

Jenna Black returns to the quarantined city of Philadelphia, where an unsuspecting seventeen-year-old has unknowingly unleashed a dark power that transforms the city into a monstrous hellscape in Night Magic.

Philadelphia is locked in the grip of an evil magic that transforms its streets into a nightmare landscape the minute the sun sets each night. While most of the city hunkers down and hopes to survive the long winter nights, Becket Walker is roaming the darkened streets having the time of her life.

Once, the guilt of having inadvertently let the night magic into the city―and of having killed her onetime best friend―had threatened to destroy her. But now she’s been Nightstruck, and all her grief and guilt and terror have been swept away―along with her conscience. So what if she’s lost her friends, her family, and her home? And so what if her hot new boyfriend is super-controlling and downright malevolent?

Mesmerized by the power and freedom of not having to care about anyone but herself, Becket is sinking ever deeper into the night magic’s grasp. But those who love her refuse to give up on her―even if she’s given up on them. If they can’t find a way to help Becket break the night magic’s hold, the entire city might soon find itself shrouded in perpetual night. But the last thing Becket wants is to be “rescued” from her brand new life, and she will fight tooth and claw to stay exactly where she is.

DYING to read this one! I loved Nightstruck and about died with that cliffhanger!! Sooo cannot wait to read this one!!

TITLE: Night Magic
AUTHOR: Jenna Black
GENRE: Horror YA
RELEASE DATE: May 30, 2017 



  1. These aren't really my kind of books, but I hope you love them! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Jessica :)
    Here's my WoW

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  2. They sound WONDERFUL, Jessica. If I wasn't stacked out right now with faaar too many series I haven't yet completed, I'd dive right into that dystopian sci fi offering. Enjoy!

  3. When The Cage came out I told myself I would read it soon, which I never did and now the third book is coming out soon. LOL!

    My WOW

  4. I love Shepherd's book, so I can't wait to read this one.
    Great choice.
    Aneta @ Angelic Book Reviews 

  5. I haven't read the first one but I'm waiting on Night Magic as well. Then I can read them back to back. I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy them.

  6. Night Magic looks amazing! I hope you get to read these soon.

    My WoW post.

  7. I am hit and miss with scifi, but I do love a good paranormal. Great covers for both books.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  8. Oh both the books sound good, though I dunno why, I never end up liking sci-fi books. But I hope you enjoy reading them!
    Here's my WoW

  9. Two great picks, Jessica! I hope you enjoy them both :D Have a wonderful rest of the week :)

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  10. Both of these sound interesting, I haven't started either series yet. Maybe this summer.

    My WOW

  11. Both of these looks exciting! I've heard great things about the Cage series. I hope you enjoy them both, Jess!

  12. Looks like I need to check out both of these! Hope you enjoy them :)

  13. These aren't really the type of books that I normally read, but I hope you enjoy them, Jessica.
    Thanks for stopping by My WoW earlier.

  14. I have both of these, though I'm really only excited to read The Gauntlet! I've never read a Jenna Black and Night Magic doesn't interest me, so I'll be passing it along. I can't wait to start The Gauntlet though. :D I hope you enjoy these books when you get the chance to read them!

    Have a lovely week, Jessica. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  15. These are both new to me. Sometimes the best way to read a series is just to wait until the last one and then read them all. Enjoy!

  16. I've seen the Gauntlet around the other blogs. This must be a good book then! Great picks!

    Here’s my WoW!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  17. Ooh, I loved Nightstruck - guess I'll be putting Night Magic on my list now too! :D

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum


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