Apr 22, 2017

TBR Book Tag

So I recently saw this fun book tag post at The Book Nympho and thought it looked like a lot of fun! It basically goes into details about our dreaded TBR pile and how much it grows and what's inside it! Lol.

1. How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

For the most part I use Goodreads. Goodreads contains all the books I own in the "Want to Read" list, with the occasional un-owned title thrown in when I enter contests! I also have my TBR jars! Yes, they multiplied. Every time I get a new book, depending on if it's a bought book or review book, I write the title down on a slip of paper and add it to whatever jar I feel it fits into. There's basically the General jar, the I-Need-to-Read-it-ASAP jar, and the "thrillers and scary books" jar! Lol. Yeah, I thought I would read scary books in October one year...didn't quite happen. So all my books are accounted for that way. I do occasionally know what book I want to read so then I do have to go through the jar to find said slip if I can remember, otherwise when I want the jar to choose for me, I toss aside those books that I've already read and forgot to eliminate!

2. Is your TBR pile mostly print or ebook?

Definitely print! There are a few ebooks, but only a few!

3.  A book that's been on your TBR the longest?

Well according to Goodreads, the first book I put on my Want to Read list was Terri Garey's Dead Girls are Easy.

This was one of the first books I bought from Borders closing sales. (sniff) I then proceeded to buy the rest of the series while I was at it. And yeah...I still haven't read it! It's been in my pile since 2011, which is likely when my TBR pile started forming! All those books I bought during the sales, then a few RT cons...and then the blogosphere started to really grow then too, and all the book recommendations started to pile up! This was actually one of them!

4. A book you recently added to your TBR pile?

Well as of writing this post it was Rachel Vincent's Blind Tiger! Sooo can't wait to read this one! LOVED Rachel's Shifter series, which was one I read at the start of my blogging days. It was actually the second book or possibly third book that led to the creation of my blog!

5. A book in your TBR pile strictly because of its beautiful cover?

That would be A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess! I saw this cover and was like whoa!!! Still haven't read it yet!! 

6. A book on your TBR pile you plan on never reading?

Uh...is that possible? I mean my TBR pile is so vast because I really want to read all the books! I just don't have the time!

7. An unpublished book on your TBR you're excited for?

Currently none? The way my TBR pile is fashioned is that only books I currently possess are in the TBR pile. I've currently read all my unpublished ARCs that were once apart of the pile. One of my more recent ones that I read and loved was:

Breaking by Danielle Rollins!

8. A book on your TBR pile that everyone's read but you?

Till Death by Jennifer L. Armentrout. The fact that I have any of her books on my TBR pile saddens me. And there are quite a few! I fell sooo behind!

9. A book on your TBR everyone recommends to you?

I technically don't actually have You by Caroline Kepnes yet, but I really want it because it's been recommended so many times! It sounds creepy and twisted and I can't help but want it!

10. A book on your TBR pile you're dying to read?

Uh...all of them? Lol. But to give you a more specific choice:

The Return by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Yes, I am shameful. :(

11. How many books are on your Goodreads TBR shelf?

301, which apparently isn't all that bad! Considering that around 10% of those are wishlist books, so I don't technically have them, and also included are books that I added to my "to read" shelf for contest entries in ongoing contests! LOL!


  1. Ah this is such a fun tag! I've actually been looking for more tags to do because I'm swamped with revision for exams. I might have to give this one a go. I also really want to read YOU, it sounds so unique but also reallyyyy creepy! Great post <3

  2. I love this. I am going to try to do this, although book tags always take me forever, but this one if really making me think about my TBR. Hmmm. I was looking at The Breaking just yesterday. It looks interesting.
    Sam @ WLABB

  3. A Shadow Bright and Burning is a lot of fun! And yes, the cover is fab! I use Goodreads to track my TBR too... and piles around my house haha.


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