Oct 6, 2011

Random Thursday

Okay so one of the new shows for fall that I am super excited for is Once Upon a Time! I loooove fairy tales and when I heard about this show I got super psyched! Keep seeing the advertisements for it too! It looks like it's gonna be an interesting show!

So far I can't quite get a clear picture on its plot, only that Mary--Gennifer Goodwin from House--lives in a small town in Maine where fairy tales might just be real. And she has a troubled past. This I got from IMDB. But the previews are making it look good. That reality and the fairy tales are one in the same or something! I just hope it makes it because it looks super awesome like I said!

Another fairy tale show that's coming in October is Grimm! This one looks really cool! This guy is apparently a descendant of the Grimms and is a cop/investigator or whatever. And the crimes look like fairy tale crimes! I saw an ad for the premiere which showed practically the whole episode, that there's this creepy dude kidnapping little girls wearing red. Sound familiar?

I think that's gonna be another cool show, like one of the many detective shows except with fairy tales!!

This one actually premieres the same weekend as Once Upon a Time! It's the Friday before hand! So can't wait til that weekend in October!

These shows fill my love of fairy tales and remind me of my fave mini series ever--The 10th Kingdom! Which has a young woman and her father sucked into fairy tale land where there's a lot going on! They're led by a dog who used to be a prince and a wolf--in the form of a man, so werewolf! And naturally the wolf falls in love with the girl!! Loved that series! Can't believe it's 10 years old already since it aired in 2000 I believe!


  1. I'm really excited about these too! :) Can't wait to see them.

  2. I'm definitely looking forward to these shows too. it'll interesting to see how they play the fairy tale themes out.


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