Oct 18, 2011

Review--Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick


Nora Gray can't remember the past five months of her life. After the initial shock of waking up in a cemetery and being told that she has been missing for weeks--with no one knowing where she was or who she was with--she tries to get her life back on track. Go to school, hang out with her best friend, Vee, and dodge her mom's creepy new boyfriend.

But there is this voice in the back of her head, an idea that she can almost reach out and touch. Visions of angel wings and unearthly creatures that have nothing to do with the life she knows.

And this unshakable feeling that a part of her is missing.

Then Nora crosses paths with a sexy stranger, whom she feels a mesmerizing connection to. He seems to hold all the answers...and her heart. Every minute she spends with him grows more and more intense until she realizes she could be falling in love. Again.

Becca Fitzpatrick's Silence totally blew me away! Hands down the best in the series so far--since she has said there will be a fourth novel!

Pretty much as the cover jacket says Nora wakes up in a cemetery with no memory of the past five months--the time when she met a certain somebody--but was only missing for three months. She struggles to remember her life from even before she left, but her mother and best friend, Vee, aren't very forthcoming. Surprisingly it's Marcie who divulges a bit of info now and then.

There's a lot of suspense throughout the book. I kept waiting to see Patch again--I really must admit that I do love that guy! He's the dangerous kind of sexy I love seeing in my heroes! At times you wonder about his motives as Nora does, but those were the times I wanted to throttle her. But I will say that she wasn't as annoying as she was in Crescendo.

Scott is there again as well and I definitely liked his character better this time around. I can't totally recall how he was last time since it's been forever since I read Crescendo, but he was definitely more likable. If I recall he wasn't that great of a guy, but again I could be wrong. 

The pacing overall was good too in my opinion. Nora has to try to put her life back together, yet trouble still finds her here and there. It doesn't help that she can't remember what she used to know, so relearning things is going to be tough. Especially when it starts to become important that she remembers things and people before it's too late.

The ending was quite spectacular too! I totally didn't see it coming! I can't wait to read the next one either, but Silence ended on a good note for me! I would say more, but I feel like I might get into spoilers. There is one sort of secret that came about that I didn't mention but you can easily get the answer when it comes up! That's all I'll say on that front!

Overall rating 5/5 stars


  1. AH! I can't wait till I get this one from the library. I'm glad Nora isn't as annoying. I remember Scott as sort of bad but otherwise okay. And yay for Patch! I can't wait to see him again.

    Thanks for the review, I'm so excited now!

  2. awesome review, and good to hear nora is less annoying!

    The Cait Files

  3. Glad to see that this is good! I was so scared that it would be kinda cruddy (Crescendo didn't so much for me). I can't wait to read this!


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