Oct 20, 2011

Random Thursday

I was thinking again about other toys I played with as a kid that they just don't have these days. One thing I did enjoy were these things called Mimi--at least I think that's the name!

They were basically these small little babies or kids that hid in a small little something. Weird to hear, but here's the pic:

Like this one, she comes in a little purse and she's playing dress-up in a big dress, heels, hat, and necklace! I had a ton of them. Even this big mondo playset that was an amusement park! They were so cute and tiny! I loved these things! Although when I was googling trying to find a pic, it didn't recognize Mimi, so I was starting to wonder if I had the right name. I came across a little clip that said Mimi that came with the toy each time you bought it. Hence why I believe they were called Mimi's. Also there was a little restaurant that I had that was named Mimi's too!

Another toy I played with back in the late 90s and possibly early 2000s was Kitchen Littles! They even brought it back for a time, but don't think it did well.

Basically it was food and kitchen ware for Barbie. Although it wasn't advertised as such in the beginning. It was so cute and realistic looking.

Found a lot of pics on google this time around, couldn't decide what to choose, so I went with what I vaguely recall being the first set I got which was this. Although this is the newer version, basically mine has different color plates and pan. But it was real metal pans too! So it was pretty cool stuff!

What toys do you guys remember playing with that you wish they'd bring back or had brought back but wasn't as cool?


  1. Polly Pocket! Or those weird fairy things, that when you pulled this string, they would fly up in the air. It sounds silly, but I just can't remember the names. And light bright!
    Ahh I miss being a kid. =)

  2. Yes that's them! I randomly found one on my dining room table the other day, and it brought back so many memories of practically taking my on eyes out trying to catch them =)


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