Jan 4, 2015

Princess of Thorns Sequel! WE can MAKE it HAPPEN!

Hey all! I just read this post on Stacey Jay's blog, that there could possibly be a Princess of Thorns sequel, but Stacey needs the help of her readers. There's a kickstarter fund asking for donations that will be put towards the goal of making this book happen.

I find I might do so in the next few days or two weeks when I get paid! There's 32 days to go to donate. If the goal can't be met, Stacey says she'll likely go back to republishing from her backlist. I would personally LOVE to see a sequel because I LOVED the story!

Here's the link to Stacey's article, plus details.

And if you're ready and willing to donate, here's the page for that!

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  1. I JUST finished this book. I think a sequel would be good fun! Must check out her blog now~


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