Jan 31, 2015

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: FAVORITE VILLAINS! (Movies, TV, Books)

*in no particular order 
**Since it was a tie when I last checked, I decided to just go with this topic! As there weren't many series finales that I loved. Mostly just liked and some I was left upset about things.

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Seriously, I think Umbridge could've gave Voldemort a run for his money! In a previous activity this month, I chose Voldemort, but then someone else picked Umbridge and was like oooomg, she was scarier than Voldemort in a way! This woman was just downright vile!! I loathed her! Thank goodness for Fred and George in giving her a good shakedown! LOL!

Weird Girls Series by Cecy Robson

Anara was one downright nasty villain! I hated him! I wanted to see him die a most painful death! I wouldn't say I loved to hate him, because I truly truly hated the b*st*rd! He was vicious and just pure evil!! 

Supernatural TV Series

Crowley started out as much more sinister demon/villain I think. Just when you think this twisted demon was in it to help the Winchesters he takes over as King of Hell! He's one dastardly villain I have to say! But it seems lately, in our current season at least...he's growing a little more human! Or he was at the beginning of the season! He's a fun villain to say the least!

Shifters Series by Rachel Vincent

If you've read this series, then you know how physically impossible it is not to hate Malone with a fiery passion! Pretty much hated this guy since he started making Faythe's life hell back in Pride! He is one dastardly villain and I hate hate hate HATE him!!!

Beauty and the Beast

Had to throw in a movie villain! Gaston was definitely one of those villains I loved to hate as a kid! I mean, he was so vapid and conceded...why he wanted Belle when he had three blondes who practically drooled over him! But he was fun too in a sense with his delusions of marrying Belle and her quite obvious disgust!!

As a kid, when Le Fou starts singing the song "Gaston" to put Gaston in a better mood after Belle turned down his "oh so wonderful" marriage proposal and he sings the line "...You're EVERYONE'S favorite guy" I would cheerfully add, "Not mine!" before the next line! LOL!



  1. Awww Gaston! Love hating him! (actually I liked laughing at his line about Belle's book not having pictures) HA!

    Em @ http://theyabookbutterfly.blogspot.com/

  2. awesome picks! I also have Umbridge!

  3. Hon, I just checked the poll... it's showing up fine here... what browser do you use? I use Chrome...

  4. Gaston is fabulous! I love him so much. It was so funny because when I was at Disney World waiting in line to meet Princess Tiana, there was this father and like 3 year old daughter behind me. He was asking her what her favorite meeting was and she said "Gaston" and her dad made sure to tell her that a man like Gaston won't love you and that he only loves one person-himself. I thought it was sooo cute!

    And Umbridge *shudders*. Her litle "ahem" gives me nightmares!


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