Jan 27, 2015

Teaser & Top Ten Tuesdays

Here are the rules:
1. Grab your current read      
2. Open to a page
3. Pick out 2 lines that are SPOILER FREE
4. Name the title, author, etc

"I reach for him, but something jerks his shoulder from the shadows behind. The dagger falls from his grasp and hits the floor with a clang. 'Run, Allie!' he yelps as he's dragged away out of my sight.

Terror ices my spine. 'Dad!' p. 124

*  *  *  *  *

"'You're wrong, Al,' Jeb mumbles against me, as if the red glow brought him to his senses. 'Everything has changed.'" p. 145

TITLE: Ensnared
AUTHOR: A.G. Howard
PUBLISHER: Harry N. Abrams
GENRE: Fantasy YA

RELEASE DATE: January 6, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Each week we will post a new Top Ten list  that one of our bloggers here at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. All we ask is that you link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post AND add your name to the Linky widget so that everyone can check out other bloggers lists! If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. Have fun with it! It's a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers.

This week's topic is: Ten Books I'd Love to Read If I Had A Book Club who Like Paranormal Reads

*in no particular order


1. Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead--the series that brought me back to YA! For so many years I strived to find Paranormal YA books, after many years I gave up. Then friends recommended this series to me, telling me it wasn't at all YA dramatic or such things...that it was awesome! And it was!
2. Anna Dressed in Blood Duology by Kendare Blake--what's a paranormal book club without a ghost read? Especially one as dark and creepy as Anna's story!! 
3. The Dispossed Trilogy by Page Morgan--and to add some fun to the mix...GARGOYLES!


4. The Broken Destiny Series by Jeaniene Frost--it's off to an epic start! It finally seems like Paranormal NA is on the rise!!
5.Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout--what's a book club without Jennifer L. Armentrout! And Wicked fits nicely into my NA category too!
6. The Dire Wolves Chronicles by Alyssa Rose Ivy--my first Paranormal NA author! Or close to first, possibly second, but definitely one of my all time faves!! Her most recent trilogy with Dires is making me absolutely gaga! I love wolves!


7. The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison--one of my first adult reads and faves!! So close to starting the final book, and I'm not sure I can handle it!
8. Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost--and for kicks, let's add in the Night Huntress World books too! And Night Prince! The entire works of Jeaniene Frost because these paranormal reads are freaking awesome!!!
9. Chicagoland Vampires Series by Chloe Neill--what's a paranormal book club without a snark vampire? Merit's definitely got the snark down! Plus I like how she's a newbie vamp and has to learn all the tricks of the trade!


10. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling--because this is my dream bookclub, I'm throwing Harry Potter into the mix! It's still paranormal, because MAGIC! Witches, wizards, trolls, wolves, evil...what's not to love about this epic series?!


  1. I love Jennifer L. Armentrout!! I'm currently in mystery mood but when I read paranormal again, she is on the top of my list. (Lux series love!!!)

    I'm a VA fan and Kim Harrison is on my TBR list!
    You have some great books here, Jessica!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh no! What happened to daddy? I agree with VA, Wicked and of course Harry Potter.

    My Teaser

  3. Nice teaser! I haven't read the Splintered series yet, but I heard great things about it. The Vampire Academy was pure awesomeness. Of course our favorite, Alyssa Rose Ivy's paranormal NA series. Love them. :)
    Thank you for stopping by!
    Old follower

  4. Great post Jessica! I'd definitely join your book club :) I love discussing Harry Potter (of course) and been looking to talk more about the Anna duology because surprisingly few have read it...

    Here's my teaser tuesday post: http://enchantedbyya.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/teaser-tuesday-21.html

  5. Great post. I have not read this series as yet. Will be adding it to my TBR. Here is the link to my tease

  6. Oh! I need to read the Splintered series. It's been on my list for a while now! Great list of book club reads also. Anna Dressed in Blood would be awesome to discuss!

  7. Nice teaser. I want to read The Harry Potter Series all over again but there too many books on my TBR already.

  8. I definitely want to read Wicked soon! It looks SO good! And I totally agree with adding HP to any book club. It would make for some great discussion! Thanks for stopping by my log :)

    Here are my Top Ten!

  9. I loved Wicked. It was awesome. HP would be great for any book club. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I accidentally did next week's post on accident, but still check it out please. mine's here

  10. I haven't started reading Ensnared yet, but I'm excited to start!

    The Beautiful and the Cursed was WONDERFUL! I still haven't read the sequel though. I keep meaning to. I bought Wicked but it's still in my tbr pile, I'm hoping to start it soon (so excited!). All of the Adult picks would be awesome fun for a book club! Who wouldn't love to read Harry Potter again? Great list!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  11. Love Anna Dressed in Blood, and the second book as well. I got it for my teenage brother for Christmas last year and we got to discuss it book-club-style. So fun! Love your teaser as well. Such a beautiful cover. :D Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. Love your choices... Off to check them out!!! I've been book titles to my reading wishlist like crazy today!!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my TTT post this week!! Happy reading!!

  13. We both have the same type of Book Club so we should totally merge and work together LOL :) I would want to read the VA series too!!

  14. Wicked's cover is pretty! VA is a pretty good book! I really want to read Anna Dressed in Blood. Sounds awesome!

  15. Great teaser Jessica! I have only read Splintered so far, but I need to continue the series.

    I love the books you've chosen for your top ten, too, and of course you'd have to include HP ;)

    Have a terrific Tuesday afternoon.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  16. Great, suspenseful teasers! I really should read that series. Happy reading!

  17. I want to start the Chicagoland Vampires books so badly! THIS SUMMER. I'm making it happen. I almost put VA on my list too! I still need to read Wicked, Anna, and Beautiful Ashes. Oh and BONES. Yes. I'd love to read that in a club so we could all fangirl over him!

  18. I have got to get caught up on this series. I've just read Splintered and loved it!

    My TT - http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/01/27/teaser-tuesdays-99-empty-cup-2/

  19. HOLLER to Chicagoland Vamps! That sounds like a fun series to read as a group!

    I kind of hope that Howard expands on Aly's dad's story. In a novella or something, but it's interesting.

  20. Oh, that first tease sounds a bit scary. Makes me wonder who or what is dragging him into the darkness.

  21. I clearly need to start the Splintered trilogy. DANG those teasers! And your top ten list! Love it. VA would be awesome. Wicked....ahh! JLA is always wonderful. Anna Dressed in Blood would be good for discussion, too.

    Great teasers & nice list, girl!

    Jessica :)

  22. I've heard Anna Dressed in Blood is a must for YA horror. I'm kind of scared of reading horror but I promised I would branch out for genres this year. Great list! I'm definitely going to be checking some of these books out.

    Kat @ Readiculous Blog

  23. I'm reading The Witching Elm. It's pretty spooky!

  24. Ensnared seems exciting! Love all that action. hope you enjoyed it!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  25. Ooh, that sounds really interesting! I've been wanting to read that series, but haven't gotten to it yet. I hope you're enjoying it! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  26. I really want to read Vampire Academy and Wicked. I bought the first one for my daughter, so I might have to steal it when she's not looking. :)

    Thanks for your Tuesday visit to The Book Connection. Sorry I am late in returning the favor.

  27. I completely agree with that list and pretty much everything on there. Also those Ensnared teasers are killing me. I need to read that book soon!

  28. The Vampire Academy was a pick of ours for FF, and it was AWESOME to discuss this novel! Great picks!


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