Jan 1, 2015

Random Thursday

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I don't want to discuss resolutions really since I have a post for that with Top Ten Tuesdays next week.

Instead, I feel like sharing some accomplishments I made this year!



      2014 Reading Challenge


          2014 Reading Challenge


        Jessica has
            completed her goal of reading 150 books in 2014!





        199 of 150 (100%)


          view books



Firstly, I completed my Goodreads challenge! I even surpassed the 150 books I was going for!!

I also completed a variety of other challenges:

TBR Challenge 65/51 Books
COYER Challenge 7/5 Ebooks
Beat the Heat 11/10 Books


I now have a total of 1706 GFC Followers! Which I do believe means I gained 200+ this year!

I opened an Instagram Account! 

So a pretty good year, I'd say! Did everyone else have a good year?


  1. Nice accomplishments! I love it when I read more books for the Goodreads challenge than I'd originally planned. Also congrats on the number of followers :) My year was pretty good, can't complain, but I wish it wasn't over!

  2. Wow Jessica you have had a great year!
    I am so glad that I found your blog this year and have been able to talk back and forth between our blogs =)
    Congrats are gaining 200+ followers that is amazing and should make you proud =)
    You should also add that you post like crazy I think that is an amazing accomplishment
    Every time I check your blog you have a new post and I think it is great and amazing!
    I hope this year brings you so much happiness Jessica!

  3. Wahoo, you overachiever you! I just opened an instagram account to! I'll be sure to follow you!


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