Jan 2, 2015

Where to Buy--Bookish Items from My Xmas STS Haul!

Hey all! Hope everyone's new year is going awesome! Thanks for all the New Year Wishes! I was absent from the blogging world yesterday, I actually went out into the real world! Sadly, no bookstore trip. None of my January releases are out and I have quite a few of them pre-ordered already!

I received a LOT of comments on my Stack of Books Ornament I got this Christmas!

It truly was and is awesome! And I wanted to share with you where I found it! My Birthday/Christmas list is usually fulfilled completely by my family because I rarely ask for much other than books, book gift certificates, and DVDs! Then I found this in the Signals Catalog that gets sent to us occasionally and I told my mom I HAVE to have it!

So here's the link to the product page for everyone who was interested! It's a good price too! Just $9.95! 

This is also where my aunt--though I did say my mom in my STS post, my bad!--got my Gargoyle reading a book statue too!

I thought he was cute! Plus a few years ago I was on a mission to find a small gargoyle statue. I did eventually after a good year or two of searching then this year I saw this bad boy! He went on my list and my aunt actually bought it before my mom could! And he's a decent size too, not overly huge like you'd find in a garden, but PERFECT for the bookshelf! He sits on top of my tallest holding up the few classics I have up there!

Just thought I'd share that buy link as well since he's from the same catalog! And Signals has a LOT of other bookish items! It's hard not to want to buy everything they have...but I must resist! Else I won't have money for the actual books!

Have a GREAT day!


  1. So nice of you to share these! Thanks Jess~

  2. I LOVE these! Thanks for sharing :-)

    Em @ http://theyabookbutterfly.blogspot.com/

  3. Thanks for sharing! Though, I'm not fan of gargoyle, I think they're creepy. But it's always awesome to have bookish things to decorate the shelf! So amazing! Again, thanks for sharing!

    Giova @ Corazones Literarios

  4. that is way too cute. I would have to think of the perfect place for him. I would so love him in my house.


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