Jan 8, 2015

Random Thursday

Time for another Disney Fun Fact! I read this one somewhere awhile back last year and wrote it down for a Thursday post! I found this one to be very interesting too!

Ever wonder what kinds of creatures make up the beast? I mean...we call him Beast but what animal is he exactly? Apparently several!

He has the mane of a lion
The beard and head of a buffalo
The brow of a gorilla
The eyes of a human (naturally!)
The tusks of a wild boar
The body of a bear
The legs and tail of a wolf

And that my friends is our Beast!


  1. I can say that I really never gave it much thought but that is interesting. :)

  2. I guess that is the point. he is a little bit of everything and nothing much of anything. just a beast.

  3. This is so interesting! I was totally obsessed with the Beast as a kid and meeting him at Disney World has been the highlight of all my Disney trips. I love his buffalo head! :P

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  4. Those are all very "beastly" things so it makes sense :)


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