Dec 31, 2015

Early Review--City of Light by Keri Arthur

When the bombs that stopped the species war tore holes in the veil between this world and the next, they allowed entry to the Others—demons, wraiths, and death spirits who turned the shadows into their hunting grounds. Now, a hundred years later, humans and shifters alike live in artificially lit cities designed to keep the darkness at bay....

As a déchet—a breed of humanoid super-soldiers almost eradicated by the war—Tiger has spent her life in hiding. But when she risks her life to save a little girl on the outskirts of Central City, she discovers that the child is one of many abducted in broad daylight by a wraith-like being—an impossibility with dangerous implications for everyone on earth.

Because if the light is no longer enough to protect them, nowhere is safe...

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

Keri Arthur brings us a whole new series that’s sure to enthrall readers as much as entertain! City of Light starts her new Outcast series and it’s quite the read! I am always amazed with how awesome her books are, even if there are a few hiccups in this one for me, it still managed to keep me gripping the pages and shunning society as I read!

The beginning takes a bit of back history and explaining and this is probably what had me the most confused at first. Eventually I was able to gather the details and put things together, but it was still a bit hazy in the beginning, as most “new world” stories are.

Tiger is a particular type of shifter known as dechet. She, along with her kind, was created to fight in the war against shifters and humans. She was meant to protect humanity and for her troubles, her kind was eradicated. For the past one hundred years, she has lived in seclusion with the ghosts of young children she was meant to protect, but ended up failing. The ghosts hold no grudges, in fact, the children are quite attached to her. There are adult ghosts as well, and they are more the angry at being dead type and are thirsty for revenge.

Her quiet life gets interrupted when she rescues a child being hunted by vampires, for in this world, vampires are the enemy. She rescues her along with her uncle, a shifter named Jonas who also happens to be a ranger; which makes him a possible enemy from the getgo, but he is injured and she promises the child that she will do all that she can to save him.

Tiger is then recruited with Jonas and his group to help rescue other children who had been kidnapped. There’s dark matters in the works here as wraiths and vampires start using the children for insidious needs.

City of Light has tons of action and suspense! And what goes best with those two? Why romance of course! Not only does Tiger learn that an old lover is still alive, but there’s some obvious tension brewing between her and Jonas despite the animosity between them at first sight. There’s sexual tension as well, you can tell that one wants the other but doesn’t want to want him/her, because, yes its goes both ways! I had fear of a love triangle beginning at the beginning of the series, but Keri does us triangle-haters proud and puts an end to that notion. I won’t say how that gets put to an end, because trust me, it’s a doozie! That said, there’s still plenty of steamy scenes in this one, Keri always writes toe-curling romance scenes that I have come to enjoy over the years!

The ending leaves you with quite the impact! Such heart-pounding danger and action that I was gripping the pages (gently!) as I hurried to see how Tiger gets out of the dicey predicament. And now I am left waiting nearly an entire year…November sometime, for the next book! I couldn’t take the pressure to read the excerpt that’s given to us, I’m a gluttony for punishment I guess! Just a taste of the next book always leaves me craving for more and more is not to be had until November. Or possibly earlier! Fingers crossed!

If you like your Urban Fantasy reads, gritty, edgy, and walking on the dark side then this read is meant for you! City of Light was a heart-pounding action read worth mentioning more than once! Aka it was GREAT!! ;)

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

City of Light releases January 5, 2016



  1. I love Keri Arthur's books, so I'm very excited to read City of Light already. Reading your review just got me even more eager to read it. :D

  2. This author is new to me and so is this genre. Sounds exciting thogh and maybe I should try it! Thanks for the review!

  3. This author is new to me and so is this genre. Sounds exciting thogh and maybe I should try it! Thanks for the review!

  4. I have never read a Keri Arthur book, but I am very excited to after the review!

  5. I have never read a Keri Arthur book, but I am very excited to after the review!

  6. This sounds fantastic! The concept seems very original and I love the idea of the special type of shifter she is. I also like that it's so full of action. Great review :D


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